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But Isn’t Chance Also Involved In Got Skill? Games, Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission Asks

Games of chances and games of skills have sparked the interest and controversy around them for many years now and there are some instances when the very title could spark debate. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario continues its ongoing battle against Got Skill? games operating outside casino venues by appealing a September ruling of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The definition of a game of skill is a game that determines its outcome with the help of a given mental or physical skill, instead of chance. Slot machines are usually considered being games of chance and as such, they are located in casino venues. However, the Got Skill? slot devices are one of the marginal controversial topics that appear to be stirring the pot ever since 2017. This is when the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario filed the case in the provincial Superior Court of Justice aiming to clarify the dispute.

Games of Chance Must not Operate Outside Licensed Gambling Facilities

Official hearing of this case took place on May 31, 2018, making an attempt to clarify the situation. According to the distributor of the slot machines in question, Play For Fun Studios Inc. the devices are considered games of skill because players learn how much they are going to win at the end of they perform well and showcase their skills. In this sense, the outcome is determined solely by the skills they demonstrate.

To this definition, the respondent states that the slot devices are, in fact, games of mixed skill because it usually happens that players enjoy multiple rounds of gaming action. Once they finish the first round how much they may win in the next round solely depends on chance. Taking this into account, they claimed that Got Skill? is a game that mixes the two things, making it unsuitable for operation outside casino venues across Ontario.

September 2018 saw the court ruling that the slot game is, in fact, a skill-based game which essentially granted the developer the permission to continue operation outside gambling venues. Various entertainment and spare time locations such as bars and high-traffic areas where as many people as possible could make their way to the devices. Problem gambling concerns, as well as claims that this operation is in direct breach with the existing Criminal Code, prompted the most recent turn of events.

Liquor License Holders Benefit from Operation

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario decides it would be best if it appealed the decision issued in September 2018 and seek justice in this situation. Hundreds of Liquor License holders could lose their right to operate said slot devices that eventually attract more customers to their locations. Their revenue also increases as a result of the Got Skill? machines, meaning that the court battle will continue being heated.

Cities to the likes of North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, and Timmins feature such gaming devices. It is known that those regions enjoy quite the gaming crowd and players appreciate the accessibility of said slot machines. But they are also capable of making gaming a normal spare time activity, further encouraged by the good company and alcohol offered in bars.

Tony Carvalho, President of Got Skill? stated that at the moment the company works in collaboration with the government in order to come up with a mutually beneficial plan for action including a resolution. This will make unlikely the scenario of job cuts within the structure of the provider. Upcoming weeks are set to see more development after the Commission’s decision to appeal.