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One Operator to Rule Them All: Gateway Casinos Bags Chances Casino Kamloops

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment progresses with its plans for gaining control over as many premium casino locations as possible with its latest acquisition. The leading casino developer and operator added Chances Casino Kamloops to its wide range of gaming offerings which is a pivotal point of its development in the region. With the help of this acquisition, the casino operator is now the sole gaming provider in Kamloops.

When it comes to gambling and rivalry between casino developers, every company is willing to have a wider influence in the gaming field. In this sense, Kamloops is one of the special locations which provides casino enthusiasts with not only one, but two gaming venues in operation, both successfully meeting their expectations. Cascades Casino Kamloops has been overseen by Gateway Casinos ever since August 2015 when is first commenced operation providing the locals with both reliable income source and gaming variety.

Chances Casino Kamloops Joins Extensive Portfolio

In the meantime, Chances Casino Kamloops was overseen by British Columbia Lottery Corporation and the Hart Family up until this purchase, as one of the 12 properties overseen by the corporation. Expansion has always been a driving force for Gateway Casinos, a trend visible in the past few years with the purchases of several gaming bundles and the operator’s solidified presence across provinces to the likes of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

This acquisition was expected by experts in the field, as it is a logical move in a narrow market such as Kamloops. The two casino venues have been rivaling for the player pool introducing healthy competition ever since 2015. Now Chances Casino Kamloops will operate under the new management, expanding the developer’s portfolio even further. For the time being, no information has been issued on a potential rebranding of the location in the future.

Players should expect to see the signature proficiency introduced throughout the Chances Casino venue, however, as the management chance became effective immediately. All current employees at the casino venue will maintain their work positions thanks to the smooth management transition. There is also no need for concern, as staff cuts and changes are not projected.

Gateway Casinos Strive to Boost Region

Tony Santo, Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Casinos confirmed that going forward the casino operation will continue without any hiccups. Mr. Gary and Ms. Pat Hart, owners of the Chances Gaming Entertainment facility have overseen its operation up until now and their dedication to the players will be their legacy to the field. Thanks to this latest addition, the overall number of casino locations overseen by Gateway Casinos reaches 26 facilities.

Projections are that the new management is going to bring new players, as this is a crucial step at the moment. It could be recalled that the summer of 2018 saw an extensive 19-week strike including more than 700 Gateway Casinos employees. The casino venues overseen by the operator in Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon were hit negatively by this walkout, subsequently damaging the gaming revenue on a regional level.

The only thing that saved Kamloops from sinking, was the fact that Chances Casino continued operation while Cascades Casino remained crippled. Kamloops was deprived of CA$200,000 and managed to bag only CA$520,000 over the first three months of the casino workers strike. November saw a conversation about tax hiking on a city level which aimed to reduce the damages of the casino workers strike.