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British Columbia Bettors Welcome 2019’s First Baby Born at Royal Columbian Hospital

Novelty betting is among the preferred ways of wagering for many people, as it provides them with an exciting betting option different from traditional betting on sports events and their outcome. British Columbia Lottery Corporation knows how to keep the interest of as many players as possible and just in time for the holiday season, it introduced a brand new offering related to 2019’s first baby to be born in British Columbia.

Upon careful data collection and comparing of exact hours of birth across the province, it was established that the first baby for this year was born at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. The sacred event happened exactly one minute after the ball dropped at midnight, making this New Year’s Eve a truly memorable one for the young family. The baby is a healthy boy that weighs eight pounds, three ounces, and was later called Dominik Soswa.

2019’s First Baby Might Make Someone Richer

Janet Shimizu and Lukasz Soswa are the parents of this first baby on a province level and their names will be mentioned more and more in the upcoming weeks. In order to make the baby even more special, father said his name is going to be spelled with a “k” instead of the regular “c.” This significant event made the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster one of the hotspots and main topics of discussion only minutes after the announcement was made.

Due to its rather special statute, a special novelty wager made possible by British Columbia Lottery Corporation and its vast variety of offerings also accompanied this event. Everyone interested had the chance to place their bet and see whether they could win big at the very first days of 2019. Players had about ten days to wager on which hospital was going to welcome the first baby of the year on a provincial level.

With the help of the PlayNow platform generously provided by the local gaming force, players were in for some fun and potentially winning big thanks to a single bet. Since riveting gaming offerings are among the main objectives of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, the first newborn for this year appeared to be a fitting wagering opportunity for the beginning of the year.

Concerns Raised by Wagering Offering

Once the announcement of the new betting opportunity was made, the gaming entity issued its very own odds which aimed to help players in making their decision. The British Columbia Women’s Hospital located in Vancouver was the top one with odds of 5-to-1 and many players were convinced it is going to become even more special once the first baby was born.

The year 2018 brought the first baby of the year to Surrey Memorial Hospital and according to the lottery corporation its odds were 6-to-1. The Royal Columbian Hospital, on the other hand, was several positions below in the list of potential winners with odds of 9-to-1. Being the underdog at a given race could result in an unexpected turn of events, which could be confirmed by players who bet on this hospital.

Individuals interested in participating had until December 29 to place their bets and expect cash prizes as a result. Soon after the announcement of this betting offering, many British Columbia residents condemned it as unethical, stating that gambling has no place in the delivery room.