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End оf 2018 Grants South Delta Player CA$39.5-Million Lotto MAX Jackpot, Second One in a Fortnight

It appears that the season of giving has been pretty generous towards lottery players in Canada so far, as two large jackpots were claimed in a matter of days by avid enthusiasts. British Columbia Lottery Corporation brought yet another player the CA$39.5-million with the help of a single piece of paper. The lucky winner purchased the ticket in South Delta and is now eligible for the grand jackpot only days after another player bagged the CA$60-million windfall.

Lotto MAX is one of the preferred lottery games across Canada, as it has the potential to grant some of the most impressive jackpots. Due to its popularity and the large audience it has, prizes are usually bigger and within the multimillion range.

This notion was confirmed once again in the last Lotto MAX draw which highlighted the numbers on a single lottery ticket currently in the hands of one very fortunate British Columbia resident.

Another Lotto MAX Lottery Windfall

Their exact location of ticket purchasing was confirmed via the lottery database. The mandatory condition for this big jackpot is matching all seven of the numbers drawn. They were 05-13-14-16-17-29-49 with a Bonus number 18. It might seem like such a line of numbers with so many consecutive digits will be impossible to match, but reality proves that Lady Luck can smile on anyone.

One player thought these digits are just right for the draw and is now CA$39,517,071.40 richer as a result. In addition to the grand prize bagged by a single player, two Ontario residents will now have to share the runner-up spot and the consolation prize. They have six of the digits and the Bonus number printed on their lottery tickets and after validating them they will be eligible for CA$203,242.40.

This comes to show how a single number such as the Bonus one could increase the overall prize of a fortunate lottery enthusiast. The winner now has a total of 52 weeks from December 28,2018 in order to contact the hotline taking care of the larger cash prizes and validate their winning ticket. Claiming of the prize will happen at one of the prize claiming offices of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Friday is Going to Bring a CA$10-Million Jackpot

Lotto MAX marks a winning spree for players from Ontario and British Columbia, as December 21 saw the winning of CA$60 million. A player who had purchased the ticket in Guelph was also the one who matched all seven of the numbers on their ticket and now has the right to have the entire jackpot for themselves only. As confirmed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s system, the location eyed by everyone up to this point was Guelph.

Once the large jackpot was claimed, the lottery game confirmed that December 28 will come with the relatively small jackpot of around CA$38 million. However, nobody expected this turn of events and another grand windfall to happen in a matter of a week.

It seems like the end of the week ended up being a very special one for two jackpot winners in the two provinces, further encouraging people to try their luck at the variety of lottery games available in Canada. January 4 is going to see the next regular draw of the Lotto MAX game which will come with a jackpot of CA$10 million.