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Ontario Thoroughbred Sector to See CA$22-Million until 2022 after Renewed Woodbine-Horsemen’s Association Agreement

Woodbine Racetrack is among the preferred locations for thoroughbred horse racing in the Ontario region, which supports the horse racing industry and betting on it. Recently the racecourse announced it has agreed in principle to an arrangement with Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario which is going to shape the following four years of operation on site and introduce some CA$22 million poured into the guaranteed purses and investment into the future development of the field.

Betting on horse races is one of the preferred pastimes for many Canadians and the leading racecourse provides them with the chance to do so at the Woodbine Racetrack on a day to day basis. However, Thoroughbred racing is in need of a boost and this is about to happen in the foreseeable future thanks to a new agreement signed between the leading association of the province and the horse racing and betting location.

Fuel for the Thoroughbred Sector

As a result of the new agreement, the sector is projected to see larger investment and subsequent improvement. Out of the overall amount of sum, some CA$18 million is going to be invested in total guaranteed purses which would eventually bring more to the location. Furthermore, Woodbine Entertainment has agreed to provide continuous support of the field, as according to the agreement every year of the four-year arrangement will see a CA$1-million boost.

This annual improvement is set to bring more offerings to the field and improve its current state with the main objective to better the experience for all parties involved and ultimately provide better conditions for the province horsemen. This announcement comes at a crucial time for the Thoroughbred racing field, as it has the potential to bring more both to the field and the people interested in betting on horse races.

Jim Lawson, President and CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, expressed his opinion on the recently announced partnership and he stated that the weeks prior to the end of 2018 are a crucial time, as they determine the line of development for the following year and in the years leading to 2022. Speaking of next year’s racing schedule and the premium events it is projected to feature, April 20, 2019, is set to see the start of the new season.

133 Racing Dates in 2019

The agreement in principle outlines the general direction of development over the four-year period of time. Sue Leslie, President of the HBPA of Ontario, expressed contentment with the newly announced arrangement, as it solidifies the relationship between Woodbine and the Horsemen’s Association. Protecting the horse field is vital for its future development.

What should be pointed out is that the annual investment of CA$1 million will essentially mean that the horse racecourse will spend the most on total guaranteed purses out of all horse racecourses in North America. The 2019 season is projected to feature some 133 dates where live Thoroughbred races will take place, providing betting options all the way to December 15.

March 2019 was set to see the last days of the partnership agreement between the two entities. Players have the chance to bet on the classic Win bet type, picking the winning horse, or the finishing position at the end of a race. There also more diverse wagers available, including bets on more than one race, usually consecutive ones. With casino offerings also available at the adjacent Casino Woodbine, the location is set to become even more popular.