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North Bay Finally Ready to Set Cascades Casino Details in Stone this Wednesday

North Bay is on the verge of making a crucial decision when it comes to the future construction of the future casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos. This Wednesday is set to bring a long-anticipated meeting held by the City Council which would make known the exact location of the gaming facility, in addition to the essential arrangement making sure the revenue generated is utilized for everything needed across the community.

The most recent statement comes after a period of many speculations and questions about the future of this casino venue, set to bring quite the improvement to North Bay and the region in general. Its operation is projected to benefit neighboring communities to the liking of Callander Township and East Ferris. It is high time that the North Bay community had the opportunity to learn more about the project which has been in the works for months now.

Information DIsclosed Up to This Point

The meeting held this Wednesday will give the official green light to the project, as local officials are expected to issue a permit for operation to Gateway Casinos, solidifying its position in the market. This would identify that the project is indeed going to happen, boosting the economy of the region and providing individuals with the chance to join the workforce of Cascade Casino.

Furthermore, this meeting is expected to dedicate its time to another important aspect of the future operation on site, as it is projected to establish the final location of the casino resort. There have been several considered locations for it, as the casino developer and operator has previously proposed the North Bay Regional Health Center just off Highway 17. Following several weeks of discussions with the Ministry of Transportation regarding the future project, they were scrapped.

September brought the news that the casino operator has shifted its focus on another more suitable parcel of land, as they were too many variables and uncertainties to the proposed parcel of land. The last known proposal for a land lot is a 7-acre parcel of land situated in the vicinity of Highway 11, which is considered to bring many individuals to the venue and make their access to it easier.

Essential Agreement Set to be Discussed

In addition to this two crucial points of the scheduled meeting, there is also going to be the third point of discussion, taking care of the Municipality Contribution Agreement, eyed by individuals from near and far. With the help of this agreement, operation of the future casino venue is going to be mutually beneficial to all entities involved and bring an economical boost at the end of the day.

The information came from the City of North Bay’s Chief Administrative Officer Keith Robicheau, who filed his resignation this Tuesday. Up until this point the region has had a contribution arrangement mandating that some 5.25 percent of the first CA$65 million amassed via Electronic Gaming Revenue for the given fiscal year is allocated to the host community which has welcomed the casino venue. In addition to that, there is also a 4-percent portion of the Live Table Games Revenue which is also utilized by the given region.

Future operation of the casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos is projected to provide a steady permanent employment to as many as 200 individuals from the region, willing to join the staff of the leading casino company. What should be pointed out is that the casino operation is also going to boost other businesses in the region, as it is going to utilize their offerings in order to supply the location with everything necessary.

The crucial meeting is going to take place at 5 p.m. at the City Council, providing more information regarding the upcoming weeks of development. It is going to bring an end to a period of prolonged anticipation and lack of information.