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Canadian Liberal MP Hit by Compulsive Gambling, Receives Treatment amid Alleged Ethics Investigation

Gambling addiction is a serious issue worthy of special attention, as it has a devastating impact on the individual if left without an adequate treatment. Nobody seems to be spared from the threats of compulsive gambling, as it has been recently confirmed by the Liberal Brampton East MP Rajvinder Grewal who field his resignation seeking more time to for himself in order to work in his problem gambling tendencies.

This unexpected turn of events comes as a result of the MP’s prolonged battle with his compulsive gambling habits in addition to the devastating impact on his financial state. As it turns out, significant debts have taken their toll on his personal life and the Liberal MP, 33, has decided to take control over the spiraling situation. With the help of a Facebook post, he made the official announcement public, notifying voters that he is taking the time to take care of himself.

Gambling Addiction Has Devastating Impact

It takes a lot of strength to admit one is vulnerable and to recognize the issue, but this is also the first step towards solving it. He stated that he has come to realize it is time for serious action, as his mental health has also suffered the consequences of gambling addiction. His loved ones and his career have also been affected by the compulsive tendencies of the leader.

He brought the news to the knowledge of the Prime Minister’s Office that he is no longer going to be part of the structure, as professional help is needed at the moment and he plans on devoting all his time and efforts to this problem. In response, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself expressed his position on the topic. He stated that he supports the Member of Parliament’s ultimate decision and hopes for the best outcome in these trying times.

What should be pointed out is that in his official post announcing his resignation he cited “personal and medical reasons”, but later on Prime Minister Trudeau made it clear that, in fact, the issue was gambling addiction spiraling out of control. All officials affected by this resignation have agreed that this is the most sensible decision at the moment. It could be recalled that MP Grewal was appointed to the leading position in the House of Commons back in October 2015.

Alleged Investigation into Liberal MP’s Ethics

Shortly after the resignation was announced many individuals began asking the right question wondering how this could affect the political situation in the province of Ontario. Later on, he also confirmed the true reason for his resignation once again with a post on Facebook. MP Grewal was recently set on the way of re-election next year. The Liberal Party nominated him earlier this year for re-election, but now things have changed and the situation calls for a by-election to take place.

The special election will aim to fill the vacant office prior to the general elections. However, another intriguing situation was revealed by the most recent statement coming from the Prime Minister’s Office’s spokesperson Danny Marttini-Chapman. As it turns out, the Office had no information whether or not there is an ongoing investigation by the Peel Regional Police in relation to the problem gambling statement of the Liberal MP. For the time being, no official confirmation of ongoing investigation has been issued.

However, the spokesperson stated that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has commenced investigation prompted by NDP MP Charlie Angus’ previous claim of conflict of interest involving both Liberal MP Grewal and Yusuf Yenilmez, CEO of ZGemi Inc. Mr. Yenilmez was invited to a trip to India including several leading government officials, and as it is known ZGemi is one of the contractors in the Brampton area overseeing restoration for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Recent filings also show that Mr. Grewal has been financially supported by employment income coming from ZGemi Inc., further complicating matters. Upcoming weeks could see an official statement coming from the RCMP if information regarding a criminal activity emerges.