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Teen GAME BRAiN Show Took Sarnia’s Great Lakes Secondary School by Storm Raising Gambling Addiction Awareness

Problem gambling is a serious issue which needs the constant attention of people sufferings from its consequences, as it has the potential to reshape one’s life. Awareness of its true potential should be raised among the most vulnerable ones, which is why a traveling show called GAME BRAiN providing more insights into the true nature of gambling is currently touring high schools sprinkled through Ontario.

It is not a secret to anyone that young minds are most impressive and curious when it comes to new things. Online gambling is becoming more and more popular, spreading throughout a vast area of the community, including the youth. Many younger people find themselves hooked to their phones and constantly checking gaming apps in their spare time. This has prompted an equally riveting response by the Responsible Gambling Council.

Onlie Gambling Hits Young Brains

Kids participating in the vast array of online gambling offerings are usually attracted to it because of the exciting visuals or the element of reward they feature. This is why the live show which travels across high schools aims to bring to students information graciously provided by beloved hosts Jason Agnew and Matt Chin. This Wednesday saw the two of them make a performance at Great Lakes Secondary School located in Sarnia.

This is not the first time the high school hosts this educational show, but every time it appears that more and more students are interested in what the famous host have to say about compulsive gambling and the hidden risks of online gambling. With its accessibility and the appeal it has among young minds, this particular gaming offering is capable of attracting a large number of eyeballs. According to research conducted by the independent gaming watchdog, four out of every 100 students find the triggers they seek in online gambling.

As a result of this, they could easily develop an unhealthy relationship with gaming and find it hard to tackle their everyday tasks. With the help of this traveling show, the council is aiming to cover a wide number of educational facilities and each season of the show is able to perform in up to 40 schools. What makes it even more appealing to students is the fact that they have grown up watching Mr. Agnew and Mr. Chin perform on TV, as they are the hosts of the former Splatalot show on YTV.

Beloved TV Hosts Make the Show Exciting

Highly entertaining games are included in the show, striving to show how online gambling affects one’s brain. Furthermore, engagement with the interactive show spreads across other platforms as well, introducing the conversation on Instagram. The show’s profile targets well its audience with the help of funny GIFs and memes further solidifying the relationship between students and GAME BRAiN.

The independent non-profit organization strives to impact in a positive way the community starting with the youngest and most vulnerable. In their formative years, they are most prone to developing problem gambling tendencies, which is why actions should be taken in a timely manner. Ever since 2014, this show has been on the tour across the province. However, the organization also provides guidance for a wide array of age groups.

It strives to guide people to local organizations which could be of help in their journey towards overcoming gambling addition. It also offers advice on how individuals could help their loved ones in such trying times with compassion and understanding.