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Delaware Casinos Get Net Proceeds of Almost $500,000 from Sports Betting Services in July

According to data provided by the Delaware Lottery, the three casinos in the state saw an amount of US$8 million placed as sports bets in the period from June 25th to July 29th. More than half of this amount – over US$5.8 million – was placed as bets at Delaware Park, which is still the most-visited venue in the state thanks to the fact that it offers a variety of betting options to gamblers from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The amount netted by the three casinos from sports betting, after the respective taxes were paid to Delaware state and money was allocated to their adjacent racetracks, equaled to over $185,000 over the lottery’s fiscal month. As the Delaware Lottery revealed, local players generated larger winnings over the second month of sports betting action in the state. The net proceeds over the first 20 days of the second month were estimated at an amount exceeding $875,000, while players generated winnings of $6 million, which is only a million less than the overall number of bets made.

According to the information provided by the state Lottery, local players won a total amount of almost $7.7 million over the 35-day period.

Delaware Park Generates Largest Share of Sports Wagers

Over the last fiscal month, a combined share of $230,614 was taken by the state of Delaware, an amount which represents half of the total net proceeds generated from the three casino venues.

As mentioned above, the Delaware Park casino saw the largest amount wagered on sports – a total of $5,823,029. An overall number of 90,603 wagers accounted for that amount, and the portion actually won by the casino after state tax and money for local racetrack were allocated was estimated at $133,843.

The second casino in the state of Delaware, Dover Downs, saw total wagers of $1,674,262, which was generated thanks to 19,877 wagers made by the state’s residents. The casino’s take amounted to $36,296.

Harrington Raceway, the third casino in the state, saw 12,006 wagers which accounted for a total of $717,474 wagered during the last fiscal month. The amount won by the casino was estimated at $15,417.

Overall, the state of Delaware saw its sports betting operations perform more than well over the last fiscal month from June 26th to July 29th. The figures for the neighboring state of New Jersey are not available for the time being, but its gambling market was boosted by the new mobile betting application which DraftKings released specially for New Jersey customers.

As far as a mobile or online sports betting platform is concerned, Delaware officials have revealed that such a step is possible. Still, it remains unclear when such a product could be ready for a launch.