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More Than US$1.2 Million Raised by Casino Gambling Proponents to Back Proposed Constitutional Amendment

A group which has been pushing for legalization of casino gambling in four Arkansas counties revealed that it has managed to raise over US$1.2 million in June 2018.

The group which has been trying to put a proposal aimed at legalizing casinos on the state’s ballot is called Driving Arkansas Forward (DAF). Yesterday, it revealed that it has approximately US$537,000 on hand to back its proposed constitutional amendment that would bring casinos to four counties in the state. The group also revealed that a total of US$715,711 were spent in June 2018, including US$385,728 for advertising.

Most money donations were made by two Indian tribes – the Cherokee Nation Business LLC and the Downstream Development Authority of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma.

The group’s proposal would give the green light to casino gambling at a horse track situated in Hot Springs and at a dog track in West Memphis. For the time being, the two locations already offer video poker and other electronic games. Driving Arkansas Forward group also seeks to see casino gambling legalized in Pope and Jefferson counties.

Earlier in July, the group submitted some petitions on the matter, which are currently being reviewed by the secretary of state’s office.

Arkansas Making Baby Steps towards Gambling Expansion

For the time being, Arkansas is part of the more conservative states in the US which have still not legalized all forms of gambling. Currently, there are no tribal casinos in the state, with the only betting options being available for horse and dog races.

Driving Arkansas Forward group has been trying to see the gambling expansion initiative included in the state ballot, with the supporters of casino gambling required to collect no less than 84,859 signatures from registered voters.

With a large number of states aimed at makings sports betting legal as a result of the US Supreme Court’s decision to lift the federal ban on this type of gambling, the state of Arkansas is still making baby steps towards gambling expansion. Reportedly, almost 100,000 have signed a petition to place a state constitution’s amendment in terms of casino gambling on the November ballot. In case that such an amendment gets the approval of the local voters and the state legislature, the state constitution would be amended in a way allowing casino gambling in the four above-mentioned counties.

According to Don Tilton, the Chairman of the Arkansas Jobs Coalition Ballot Committee, a total of 96,170 signatures from registered voters were gathered to back the proposed changes which could finally legalize casino gambling in the state. The petitions had to be turned in until July 6th in order for the proposal to be reviewed. In addition, as mentioned above, there were minimum requirements for the number of signatures that needed to be gathered by the proponents of the state constitution’s amendment, with campaigners required to gather at least 84,859 signatures from registered voters.