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Workers of Casino Ajax Would Go on Strike if No Fair Settlement Is Reached, Says Unifor

Almost all workers who are being represented by the Unifor Local 1090 at Casino Ajax have backed strike if necessary. As revealed by the President of the Unifor National, Jerry Dias, a total of 99% of the workers represented by the union have voted in favor of strike action in case that the two parties are not able to reach a fair agreement.

Mr. Dias explained that the union members are of crucial importance to the success of Casino Ajax, so they deserved a fair contract to make sure they get wages which are big enough.

The Unifor Local 1090 is trying to get the consent of the Great Canadian Gaming that union members who work at the Casino Ajax will be able to transfer to the proposed Durham Live facility located in Pickering under the current collective agreement they have with the casino. The union representing the casino workers also wants to agree on fair compensation, due to the fact that the casino employees’ wages have been boosted by 1.75% only over the last eight years.

The President of Local 1090, Corey Dalton, explained that the workers’ intention for a strike sent a very clear message to the owners of Casino Ajax to show them that their bargaining committee had their full support.

Unifor Has Until July 23rd to Reach a Fair Agreement with Casino Ajax

The representatives of the casino management and the workers’ union are expected to have negotiations along with Port Perry’s Great Blue Heron, Campbellville-located Elements Casino Mohawk, Toronto’s Woodbine Security and Elements Casino Brantford. All of the afore-mentioned facilities’ workers are currently represented by Unifor, and their collective agreements are set to expire on July 23rd.

The union representing the casino workers has until then to try and reach an agreement with the employers. Roy McDonald, Chairperson of Local 1090’s Ajax unit, confessed that a strike in most occasions is considered “the last resort”, and added that the Great Canadian Gaming had left them very few options to deal with the injustice faced by the casino workers. Mr. McDonald also explained that a new contract could be reached quickly, without service interruptions that would affect the customers’ experience, but that would be possible only in case that the gambling operator is ready to make an offer that would do justice to the work of the Unifor union members.

For the time being, a total of 225 employees at Casino Ajax, who work at slot machines, cashiers, maintenance, the kitchen, food and beverage, environmental services, guest services, etc. are being represented by Unifor Local 1090.

Unifor is the largest workers union in the private sector in Canada. It currently represents 315,000 workers in all major areas of the country’s economy. What Unifor is engaged in is protecting Canadian working people and their rights, fighting for social justice and equality and doing whatever necessary to ensure better future for the workers.