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Canada’s Record $60 Million Lottery Jackpot Hit in Quebec

The $60 million Lotto Max jackpot which, smashed all records last week, has been hit somewhere in Quebec but the lucky winner has still not claimed the historic prize. When the identity of the winning ticket holder is confirmed, this would be the largest lottery jackpot ever won in Canada.

The $60 million main jackpot of Lotto Max have not been claimed for several weeks and at Friday’s draw, it reached the maximum cap allowed in its rules. This particular lottery is available to residents of all provinces and as a result, its main jackpot increases rapidly. The more people buy tickets, the faster the top prize grows. The larger jackpot, then, prompts even more people to purchase a ticket and try their luck. On Friday, June 8, there was only one winning ticket and it was sold in Quebec, according to official data.

The Crown corporation that oversees all lottery and gaming operations in the Canadian province, Loto-Québec, has not announced the name of the winner. He or she can claim the prize within a year and so far, nobody has come forward. It is also not known where exactly the winning ticket was sold, other than the fact that it was sold somewhere in the province. This is the largest jackpot won by a single ticket not only in Quebec but across Canada, as well. As no further details have been shared publicly, it would better for everyone in Quebec who has bought a Lotto Max ticket to check the combination of numbers they have.

The Crown corporation adds that the winning numbers can be checked online and at all venues where lottery tickets can be bought. But along with the $60 main jackpot, Lotto Max has many other, smaller jackpots given to people from all corners of the country. They are called MAXMILLIONS and are worth $1 million.

Over $100 Million in Cash Won on Friday

It seems Friday set a new record for the amount of prizes the lottery has given in a single draw. In the draw for the main jackpot, a total of $74,746,722 was won, including the top jackpot of $60 million. According to the official figures, published by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), more than 600 other winning tickets awarded their lucky holders over $14.7 million. In addition to the main jackpot, Lotto Max has two more draws for Encore and MAXMILLIONS. Over $2 million were given for the Encore game.

However, the MAXMILLIONS prizes are quite interesting. They are smaller jackpots, each worth $1 million. Their number is determined by the amount of the total lottery prize pool. It is split into two – up to $60 million is given as the main prize, while the rest is divided into multiple MAXMILLIONS prizes. During Friday’s draw, 17 MAXMILLIONS jackpots worth $1 million were won, as well as 10 prizes worth $500,000 each.

According to OLG, Lotto Max winners only in the province of Ontario have received more than $4.2 billion since the launch of the lottery game. The next draw on June 15 will offer an estimated main jackpot of $35 million.