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Delta Second Casino Consultation Meeting Hears Mixed Public Input

Last year, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd. submitted its application to the city of Delta, seeking approval for the construction of a premier casino at the Delta Town and Country Inn site in Ladner. Local residents and officials were tasked with weighing the pros and cons of hosting a casino. As the debate over Gateway’s casino proposal ramps up, city officials announced a public consultation period, allowing people to have their say on the casino proposal.

Needless to say, each person has his or her opinion regarding the casino gambling industry. While some people would point out to the dark side of the industry, casino proponents would focus on all the economic benefits of hosting a casino. Delta’s second public information meeting took place on 7th February at Sungod Recreation Centre. Many people attended the meeting.

The consultation aimed at gathering input, including the public’s views and opinions on the casino project. In addition to that, the consultation plan encourages public learning and discussion by providing clear information and answering questions. For that purpose, representatives from Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd. and the B.C. Lottery Corporation were also on hand to answer questions and provide further details about the casino.

Attendees Voices Loud “For” and “Against” Gateway’s Casino Proposal

People had the opportunity to voice their concerns and discuss them with the casino officials. Some residents attended the meeting with a whole bag of comments. The demolition of the indoor tennis court was raised once again at the meeting.

Concerned citizens explained that the project should include the replacement of indoor racquet facility, but not its demolition. As it can be recalled, tennis players and clubs have already presented their concerns during a separate meeting that was held in January.

Others were worried that problem gambling would increase among vulnerable people. Clara Chan commented that Delta is a family-friendly city and a casino would not be a good fit to the atmosphere. However, not all of the feedback was encouraging the city to reconsider its decision to allow Gateway to build its C$70 million gambling property in Delta. Heather Guest supported the construction of a casino, explaining that it has the potential to turn into a leading entertainment facility if operated in a proper way.

Many residents also attended the meeting without any particular opinion on the matter. They were looking to get more information regarding Gateway’s casino proposal, which would help them to shape their stance on the matter. Speaking of the comments, Delta’s director of community planning and development, Marcy Sangret, explained that the attendees’ comments were “pretty balanced”. Gateway’s proposal is expected to be discussed by a multi-committee meeting on 15th February at Harris Barn at 7 pm.