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Public Consultations on Gateway’s Casino Plan in Delta Seek to Gather Public Feedback

Delta residents have the chance to weigh in on Gateway’s proposed entertainment complex in Ladner once again and voice their opinion on the matter. In September last year, British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) gave preliminary approval for the development of a new entertainment complex at Town & Country Inn. Since then, a series of public consultation sessions have been conducted by both Gateway Casinos and the City of Delta with the idea to gather feedback from the public before the wheels are put in motion.

Two more public consultation meetings are scheduled to take place this Wednesday and Thursday at the Sungod Recreation Centre and at the Harris Barn in Ladner, respectively. Both sessions are to start at 4 pm local time and continue till 8 pm. At the open house-style meetings, people will be given additional details regarding the planned entertainment complex. Attendees will have the chance to talk to representatives for Gateway and discuss the pros and cons of hosting a new gaming and entertainment complex in Ladner.

Another multi-civic committee meeting to discuss Gateway’s casino project is scheduled to take place on 15th February at Harris Barn at 7 pm. It will be also open to the public. These public consultation meetings aim at providing information on Gateway’s application and answer questions. The application involves Gateway’s rezoning request to permit the construction of the entertainment complex. The company behind the project is expected to submit its rezoning application this April.

Gateway’s Casino Plan Accepted with Mixed Feelings

The C$70 million construction investment would spread over 162,678 square feet. The entertainment complex is to include a fully-equipped casino, which is to occupy approximately 47,000 square feet of space.

In addition to that, the gambling operator is to attract the attention of people from all walks of life, as the entertainment complex is to include a number of non-gambling amenities, including dining lounges, bars and clubs. A boutique 116-room hotel complex will be also added to Gateway’s casino proposal. As for parking spaces, the complex is to offer 800 parking lots for its guests.

Even though Gateway’s project sounds like a good investment for Delta’s economy, the local residents and officials showed mixed reactions towards the casino. Those, who took an anti-casino stance on the matter explained that a new entertainment complex is to have a negative impact on the society and it is to cannibalize the profitability of the local business enterprises. Gateway’s plans to demolish the indoor tennis court also vexed tennis players and enthusiasts, who explained that the city needs an indoor sports facility.

Casino proponents, on the other hand, explained that a new entertainment complex is to bring fresh money to the city’s shrinking budget coffers and attract out-of-the-city visitors, who will spend their money in Delta. This will not only stabilize the local economy, but also foster the local businesses.