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Manitoba’s Gaming Regulatory Agency Relocates to New Office at Polo Park

In January last year, the Liquor and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Manitoba expressed its interest in relocating its downtown headquarter to a place that is away from the downtown. The regulatory agency motivated its decision by explaining that it will be more convenient for both customers and workers if LGA’s office is not located in the downtown. According to the latest news, the province’s liquor and gambling authority is moving to the Polo Park area.

Currently, the Polo Park area is an empty warehouse, but soon it is expected to be the new home of the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. The new headquarter of the regulatory agency is to spread over 23,000-square-foot space, offering easy access and sufficient parking space for both customers and workers.

The announcement was made by LGA communications analyst Lisa Hansen, who added that LGA’s office will be in close proximity to Milt Stegall Drive and Yukon Avenue. She elaborated that the agency has already signed a lease contract to rent a large commercial property located in the West End area.

Reasons for LGA’s Relocation

Ms. Hansen explained that the landlord is to renovate the place, so that it is to be adapted to the agency’s office needs. It was explained that the offices are to be located behind the retail area of the property. The relocation was a must-step for the agency after the amalgamation of the liquor and gambling regulators. LGA communications analyst asserted that the amalgamation of the two agencies is a strategic move as most of the business owners hold gaming and liquor licenses. In that way, the customers can find all the services they might need under one roof.

The LGA explained that the relocation of its headquarter is more cost-efficient as the rent will be less expensive. Apart from that, the new location is to offer enough parking space for the workers and the customers. Parking space is a crucial factor for the employees and the customers.

It is interesting to note that in 2015, the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation presented a $75-million plan to move its headquarter to downtown Winnipeg. Eventually, the corporation decided to abandon the plan, explaining that the renovation of the former Medical Arts Building (expected to be the agency’s new headquarter) is to cost another C$66 million.

In 2014, Manitoba Gaming Control Commission and the regulatory services division of the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission were amalgamated to form the LGA. As a result, Manitoba Lotteries Corporation (which is currently the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation) took over the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission’s operational functions (including liquor distribution and sales). Currently, the LGA regulates and licenses the gambling and liquor industries in Manitoba.