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Casino Opponents Lay Out Arguments Against Full-Fledged Gambling Property in Sudbury

A number of casino opponents said no to Gateway’s intentions to build a C$60-million premier casino and entertainment property at the Kingsway location. As it can be recalled Casino Reports recently produced a number of articles in regard to the highly-opposed casino project in Sudbury. The anti-casino group is pulling out all the stops to prevent the construction of the multi-million entertainment complex. Yesterday, the anti-casino activists held a meeting at St. Andrew’s Place to present detailed information related to the dangers and disadvantages of hosting a large-scale casino in Sudbury.

The anti-casino group called No Casino Sudbury is convinced that bringing an entertainment complex to their city is to have a negative impact on the city’s economy. Members of No Casino Sudbury explained that Gateway’s full-fledged gambling property is to suck money out of the local economy as the most frequent visitors of the complex are expected to be locals, but not out-of-the-city visitors. Quite unsurprisingly, this is to hurt the local small- and medium-sized business, as Sudburians will spend less money at local businesses such as restaurants and bars.

Reasons for the Group to Take Anti-Casino Stance

Committee members Tom Fortin, Ruby Lougheed Yawney, and Cathy Orlando Ruby were the main speakers at the meeting. Lougheed Yawney, who founded the No Casino Sudbury group some time ago, is an anti-casino activist since 2012. Ms. Yawney explained that the information about the broad economic benefits of hosting a casino is more than exhaustive, while there is almost no information regarding the disadvantages of having a casino in Sudbury.

Cathy Orlando took the opportunity to present the results of her research on the socioeconomic impacts of casinos in communities. She explained that the domestic abuse rates are higher in areas, which are in close proximity to a casino. She added that Sudbury is not an appropriate city for hosting a casino, as it is not a tourist destination, but a family city.

Tom Fortin a local businessman and the person behind the Casino Free Sudbury campaign explained that the construction of a gambling complex in Sudbury is to hurt the local businesses. As it can be recalled, Mr. Fortin convinced more than 200 local business owners to support his campaign.

The meeting was attended by approximately 50 people, who were interested in hearing the casino opponents’ arguments. Eric Legendre, a recovering compulsive gambler, was among the attendees. He explained that many people do not realize that gambling addiction is as dangerous as any other addiction. Legendre shared that gambling has ruined his life and he needed to start all over again. All the attendees were allowed to file their questions to the speakers and receive a detailed information regarding their concerns.