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Canada’s Gateway Holds Public Information Sessions on Ladner Casino Project

Canada’s largest full-line private casino operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd announced that it is to hold 2 more information sessions on its Ladner casino project this Monday. Citizens will have the chance to get a better idea of the casino expansion plan. The two public meetings are both scheduled to take place today at 10 am to 12 pm and 5 to 7 pm, respectively. Representatives from Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd will be ready to answer questions regarding the project. The public sessions are to take place at the open house at the Tsawwassen Springs Clubhouse.

At the beginning of November, it emerged on the surface that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment submitted an application to the Municipality of Delta, asking for a permission to build a full-fledged entertainment complex at the Delta Town and Country Inn site. Gateway’s move comes a year after Ontario Lottery Gaming Corp. (OLG) announced Ladner and two other sites as the preferred locations to build a casino facility. In early September this year, Gateway received a preliminary approval by the city officials.

The casino expansion is reported to cost C$70 million to the casino operator, as it is to including gambling and non-gambling entertainments. In that way, the casino operator is to attract the attention of people with various interests and maximize the economic benefits from the entertainment complex. Gateway revealed that its draft casino plan includes 600 slot machines and 24 gaming tables, but it is yet to become clear if British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is to approve these numbers.

As it can be recalled, BCLC asserted that the number of the gaming offerings is a subject of discussion as the numbers should mirror the city’s needs. It is important to note that the net profit from slot machines went up over the past few years. Optimists believe that BCLC is to take a strategic move and approve the number of slot machines, realizing the large revenue growth.

Gateway Provides More Details about Ladner Casino Project

So far, Gateway and the City of Delta has held a number of public information sessions with the idea to gather feedback from the public before the plan is officially moved forward. On 28th November, representatives from Gateway and BCLC held two public information meetings at the Delta Town and Country Inn, providing detailed information regarding the casino expansion. According to reliable sources, Gateway and the City of Delta are likely to hold one more public information meeting next month.

A full-blown entertainment center is likely in the cards for Delta, supposing that the city officials put a stamp on the plan. Ideally, the casino operator hopes to start working on the multi-million project sometime next fall.