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Gateway Eyes Ambitious Casino Expansion in North Bay

Largest Canadian casino operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited seeks to broaden its reach on familiar home turf, with plans for a major investment in a casino project in North Bay. The casino may be built on the former Nordfibre location or on nearby land. Supposing that the casino proposal receives a go-ahead, it is to be a subject to the necessary rezoning approvals. At present, Gateway’s officials did not reveal any further details as it is yet to be determined whether a casino would be built and where exactly should it be built.

Canadian casino conglomerate revealed that it is planning to build a casino venue in North Bay. Former Nordfibre location across from the North Bay Regional Health Centre on Highway 17 Westare and nearby plots of land are listed as the preferred locations for the new casino. As it can be recalled, the new gaming venue was initially planned to be established at the old Moe-Ze-On-Inn on Pinewood Park Drive, but Gateway decided to abandon this idea and to redirect its attention to another site.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment spokesman, Rob Mitchell, commented that the casino operator definitely plans to broaden the firm’s footprint in Canada, and more precisely in North Bay, but at this moment, the company still did not undertake any moves to buy a property for the construction of the casino. He added that Gateway is still exploring the various opportunities before earmarking a plot of land.

Steps to Move the Casino Project Forward

Mr. Mitchell outlined Gateway’s priorities when choosing a site of interest. He explained that the accessibility and the size of the plot of land are of major importance, as the casino operator aims at providing enough parking lots to its future customers. Gateway’s spokesperson pointed out that the casino operator cannot announce when exactly the construction is to start given the fact that Gateway should first receive rezoning approval.

Supposing that the rezoning eventually gets approved, Gateway’s proposal for a casino expansion in North Bay is to be added to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s (OLG) list of requests for the establishment of a casino in the province’s Northern Gaming Bundle. Here it is important to note that being on the list does not necessarily mean that the proposal will be thumbed up.

Once the casino operator chooses a particular location for the establishment of the casino, the company should submit a draft plan and an application to the city council to change the city’s official plans. According to economists, keeping doors open for a new casino is a good idea as it is to bring broad economic benefits and boost the local business sector.