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Gateway Poised to Relocate Slots at Dresden to Chatham, City Officials Say

According to Chatham-Kent city officials, Canada’s largest gaming company Gateway Casinos & Entertainment (“Gateway”) plans to relocate its slots at Dresden. Chatham is to accommodate these slots, which were formerly owned by Ontario Lottery Gaming Corp. (OLG). The news about the transition came on Wednesday, but the final decision on where and when the slots are to end up is yet to be taken. Gateway’s officials did not disclose how long the slots will remain in their current location beside the Dresden Raceway, but they announced that the relocation will not happen before 2020.

This Wednesday, Chatham’s Mayor Randy Hope and two Chatham-Kent councilors revealed that Canada-based gambling and entertainment operator Gateway intends to relocate its slots at Dresden. These slots have been located in their current venue since April 2001, but soon that might change. Mayor Randy Hope commented that the relocation of the slots is most probably part of Gateway’s plan to modernize and update certain gambling properties, formerly owned by OLG, the latter being responsible for the management and development of Ontario’s gambling industry.

North Kent councilor and former Dresden’s mayor Joe Faas said that he is aware of Gateway’s decision to look for a place in Chatham. Council Leon Leclair explained that no details were provided regarding the upcoming relocation. At present, the officials know where these slots will most probably end up, but there is no information when exactly this will happen. The officials took the opportunity to remind that Gateway’s decision should first receive certain approvals prior to the implementation of the plan.

Leclair elaborated that the relocation of the slots will have a negative effect on Dresden’s economy, but Gateway’s decision is not within his control. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent unveiled that OLG has paid $700,000 to the city for hosting its slots during the 2016-17 operating year.

Gateway Participates in Ensuring Efficient Gaming Market in Ontario

Over the past few years, Canada’s gambling industry is trying to deploy its full potential as it is an important contributor to the country’s economy. Hence, its revival has turned into a major priority for the country’s government. The main reason for Canada’s gambling industry to decline is the worn-out gambling venues, which lost their power to attract players.

Here it is important to note that America’s gambling industry, on the other hand, was and still is thriving. All the flashing casinos and bountiful choice of gaming options have turned into a real magnet for Canadian players. Needless to say, the proliferating online gambling industry is also another obstacle for Canada’s gambling industry to regain its strength.

This resulted in OLG’s decision to launch a bidding process and privatize its gambling properties. Gateway was among the winners, which was selected as the service provider for North and Southwest Gaming Bundle. Apart from all other gaming properties, the Southwest Gaming Bundle includes also the slots at Dresden. Gateway had the hard task to mastermind a plan for the modernization of these properties.