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Ritz-Carlton to Open First Hotel on Philippine Soil at Resorts World Manila

This week, Philippine casino magnate Andrew Tan revealed more information about its latest endeavor to open one of the world’s finest hotels, and more precisely Ritz-Carlton. According to a reliable source, the casino mogul is to rebrand its existing Maxims Hotel and turn it into a luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel complex. Industry experts consider that the first Ritz-Carlton on Philippine soil is to turn into Resorts World Manila’s most recognizable and highly-valued component.

The local news agency the Philippine Star unveiled that the Philippine businessman Andrew Tan is eyeing a major foray into the local casino industry as he is to bring one of the most popular hotel brands in the Philippines for the first time. He seeks to strengthen Resorts World Manila’s reputation among the high rollers, who are mostly of Chinese or Taiwanese origin. Hence, Mr. Tan plans to establish the hotel as part of Resorts World Manila.

It is interesting to note that even though Macau is the Chinese gambling Mecca, more and more Chinese people have started to look for fully-fledged casino resorts abroad due to the country’s severe crackdown on money laundering, which left the once proliferating gambling industry struggling to survive. As it can be recalled, earlier this year, Resorts World Manila was assaulted by a gunman. The tragic accident tarnished the resort’s reputation. In an attempt to win back its regular customers’ trust, the casino operator Genting Hong Kong Ltd. and Mr. Tan decided to launch various reconstruction projects. The addition of Ritz-Carlton brand to the resort’s assortment of offerings might be viewed as part of the resort’s recovery process.

Additional Notes on Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Up to date, Ritz-Carlton is owned by Marriot International. The company operates 130 hotel spread over the entire Asia-Pacific region, but Marriot International is looking to expand its reach as it plans to open 16 more new resorts in the region. The first hotels Ritz opened doors in Paris and in London. The brand itself was founded by the Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz. Afterwards, Albert Keller founded the Ritz-Carlton Investing Company, which purchased the Ritz brand. Currently, Marriott International owns the brand.

Speaking of Marriott International, it is worth to mention that the company opened two first-class hotels as part of the recently-opened Parq Vancouver urban casino, which feature 517 rooms in total. As it can be recalled, the casino celebrated its grand opening on 29th September this year. The $700-million resort is one of Metro Vancouver’s largest entertainment resorts.