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Elements Casino Victoria Reconstruction Brings Broad Economic Benefits to Vancouver Island

Elements Casino Victoria, previously known as View Royal Casino is planning a grand opening for this winter to introduce its revitalized gambling facility. The renovated facility is located in the Town of View Royal and its reconstruction has started as far back as February. At present, the casino operator Great Canadian Gaming Corporation nears finalizing its concept for the expansion and its impact on the local economy is already a winner.

Casino gaming in Canada has started to experience significant growth. A good sign for that is the number of casino projects, aiming at uplifting the worn-out conception of some land-based casinos. Gambling is a polarizing issue as it has its proponents and its opponents, respectively. It is not a secret that gambling is mostly accepted by economically struggling countries, which are seeking to bring an additional source of taxes to the coffers. What is more is that this type of entertainment is increasing in popularity with every passing day and more officials started to realize the number of economic benefits of casino gambling.

Elements Casino Victoria is located on Vancouver Island and it is expected to become the largest full-fledged entertainment facility in the region. The multi-million project focuses on the opportunity to attract both gambling and non-gambling tourists and locals. In that way, the complex is to boost multiple industries and the overall economy. The casino is to spread over 70,000 square feet, featuring around 800 slot machines and up to 25 gaming tables.

Elements Casino Victoria Stirs Local Economy

Although the casino is currently under construction, Elements Casino Victoria has already influenced the local economy in a positive way by adding jobs and pushing average wages higher. The casino officials revealed that since the beginning of the project, more than 70 vendors and professionals signed a contract with the casino operator and approximately 100 job positions are expected to be created with the opening of the casino.

The casino operator is to offer a great variety of job opportunities in different spheres, including marketing and human resource departments, security, catering and many others. Several studies on economic benefits of casinos show that countries with casinos have lower unemployment rate and slightly higher wages compared to countries without casinos.

The second stage of the project is set to be finalized in early 2018. Once the casino is completely ready to operate at its full capacity, it is to generate steady tax revenues, becoming a powerful economic development tool. In an oversaturated market such as the gambling market, it is of vital importance to attract players’ attention and set the business apart from the competition. Being aware of this fact, many casino owners have started to invest millions in revitalizing their casino property.