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ASF Consortium Mulls to File Lawsuit against Queensland Government

ASF Consortium, the group behind the proposed A$3-billion casino resort on Australia’s Gold Coast, threatens to sue the Queensland’ government providing that the upcoming negotiations over the canned casino project fail and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk continues boycotting the construction of ASF’s gambling facility. It is yet to be revealed if the company has the right to claim a compensation for a financial loss, but hopes are placed that the Queensland government will take the right decision to avoid such a legal prosecution.

Earlier today, ASF Consortium director Louis Chien officially announced that the company is currently discussing the different possible opportunities for the realization of the casino project with the Queensland government, trying to find a compromising decision. Mr. Chien explained that the main purpose of this meeting is to ask Queensland’s top officials for a fair decision. He stated that in case the administration does not come up with an adequate solution on time, the company is to take legal actions against the government. On Monday, the group announced a loss of A$12.1 million up to now, blaming Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s for rejecting the project after approving it at first.

ASF Consortium’s Resort Casino Plan

In a nutshell, earlier this year, Queensland’s top official Ms. Palaszczuk announced her final decision to cancel the realization ASF’s casino project, explaining that she protects her own people’s best interests and she does not want to turn the splendid Gold Coast into casino area. But what appeared to be the Apple of Discord was the fact that in 2014, ASF had been named as the preferred operator for the resort and a second Gold Coast casino.

Since then, the Chinese-backed company ASF had planned to establish its gambling venue. According to the company’s initial plan, the integrated casino resort was supposed to be established on Wavebreak Island. But this unleashed a wave of opposition, as environmentalists voiced their concerns that such a massive construction work is to demolish the environment, which is also one of the main tourist attractions.

Shortly after the AFS’s initial plan was rejected, the company came up with another proposal – to establish the gambling facility on the Gold Coast’s Southport Spit. The project focused on both gambling and non-gambling entertainments, including casino, hotel rooms, shopping zone, conference facilities and others.

A few months after the government gave its approving nod to AFS, a public consultation showed that the local community is against the establishment of the casino resort. Hence, Ms. Palaszczuk needed to scrap the casino project. This ruffled the feathers of the casino investors, who are ready to launch a legal battle against Queensland’s government. Contrary to all the speculations, the truth is that AFS was the solely company selected for the construction of the integrated casino resort.