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Washington Tribes Launch $100 Million Casino Project

The Tulalip Tribes plan to turn the first sod of the $100 million casino project to replace the already existing Quil Ceda Creek Casino in Snohomish County, Washington. It was reported that the construction of the gambling facility is to start by the end of 2017 and the project completion is slated for the end of 2018, or the beginning of 2019. Once the casino swings its doors open, the Tulalip Tribes will demolish their other 25-year-old Quil Ceda Creek Casino, which is across the street.

The new casino project aims to refresh and update the Tulalip Tribes’ gaming options. It was explained that the gambling venue is to feature larger casino floor, spreading over 110,000 square feet. The casino officials also shared that they plan high capacity garage, which is to offer 1,200 parking lots. Moreover, the new gambling venue is to offer not only gambling options, but also non-gambling entertainments, including new classy restaurants and gourmet food. But the Tribes consider preserving the overall local atmosphere as their customers enjoy it and it is the casino’s trade mark.

The officials explained that their main goal is to establish a casino facility, which pleases their customers’ individual preferences. To do so, the officials launched a research project, which picked up information about the demands and needs of the already existing Quil Ceda Creek Casino’s customers. The Tribes still did not announce the official name of the casino, but it is currently referred to as “QCC2”.

The entire casino project is to spread over 15 acres and it is to be located on a piece of land, which currently hosts the Tulalip Court and police department as well as the now closed, Arby’s, at 6103 31st Ave. and 6328 33rd Ave NE, which are all going to be re-positioned. Speaking of the casino project, Marie Zackuse, Chairwoman of the Tulalip Tribes Board of Directors explained that it is to be the finishing line to the existing Tulalip Resort Casino, also operated by the Tribes. The casino officials, though, did not provide any details on what is going to be established following the demolition of Quil Ceda Creek Casino. The only thing, which they mysteriously revealed is that it will be a surprise.

The Tulalip Tribes’ Economic Power

It was estimated that the Tulalip Tribes are the third most powerful employer as 3,700 people work for them. It should be admitted that their presence on the market is of vital importance for the city’s economic stability, significantly decreasing the unemployment rate. Moreover, Teri Gobin, vice chairwoman for the tribes pointed out that more than 60% of their employees are of non-tribal origin. This means that the tribal-owned casino is not concentrated only to support its own community. Apart from this, the casino enhances the tourism experience, attracting foreign visitors, who spend their money within the city’s borders and thus, contribute indirectly to the local small- and medium-sized business success.