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Ontario Celebrates Next Lotto Max Winning Ticket Sale

A life-changing cash prize was won on Friday night’s Lotto Max draw. The prize is claimed by a lone ticket, which was sold somewhere in the Canadian province Ontario. The Maxmillions winner managed to match 6 out of 7 numbers in the selection plus the bonus, winning more than $431,000. The next draw on 15th September is to offer cash prizes totaling $59 million ($55 million jackpot and 4 more prizes of $1 million dollars each up for grabs).

At the end of the last week, and more precisely 8th September, it was announced that there is one single winning ticket, which managed to match 6 out of 7 numbers in the Lotto Max draw, held on Friday evening. The winning ticket is sold somewhere in Ontario, but it is yet to be revealed where exactly the winning ticket was purchased.

According to the details on the official website of the lottery, the ticket holder claimed the amount of $431,929.10. 97 other players managed to match the lucky 6 numbers without the bonus, each getting the prize of $4,735.60. The jackpot for the last Lotto Max draw reached the life-changing prize of $50 million but no one managed to pocket it, leaving the impressive amount of $55 million jackpot for the coming Max Million draw to be held on 15th September.

Additional Details about Lotto Max

Lotto Max is one of the three Canadian lottery games, which is operated by Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (a Canadian organization operating lottery games). The lottery requires players to choose 7 numbers out of 49 possible. The aim of every player is to match all the 7 winning numbers, but to bank any cash prize, players need to have at least 3 matches. It is worth to mention also the bonus prizes – by purchasing a board of number, players are allowed to make two additional picks along with the 7 numbers.

The jackpot has a limit of $10 million and a cap of $60 million. It is worth to note that under the Canadian rules, all winnings from lotteries are exempt from taxes. Lotto Max appeared for the first time on 19th September 2009, replacing its forerunner Lotto Super 7. Having in mind the increased revenue, which Lotto Max has generated, the lottery seems to reap great success.

Heftiest Cash Awards in Lotto Max’ History

Following the changes to the Lotto Max game rules, which allowed the jackpot to grow up to $60 million, the lottery registered 2 big cash prizes. On 17th July 2015, a group of 20 people hit the jackpot estimated to be $55 million, becoming the second biggest award in the Canadian lottery history at that time. On 25th September the same year, the jackpot reached the amount of $60 million for the first time in the history of Lotto Max and it was won with a single winning ticket, being purchased in Brampton, Ontario.