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Indiana’s First Land-Based Casino to Throw Doors Open on 20th October

After operating for 22 years as a “floating” casino, located on the Ohio River, Indiana, Tropicana Evansville is establishing its gaming facility onshore to become Indiana’s first onshore gambling venue. Tropicana Evansville General Manager John Chaszar stated that the casino is to swing its doors open on 20th October this year at an opening ceremony. According to specialists, this is an important moment in the development of the industry in the state, which is also to boost the state’s economy and its tourism sector.

Look from the Inside of Tropicana Evansville Complex

The entertainment complex is spreading over 75,000 square feet, out of which 45,000 square feet are taken by the casino, which will be available for the players around-the-clock. It is to offer 1,175 slot machines, over 30 table games, Poker Room and a High Limit Room. The casino operators explained that the complex is to offer nothing less than luxury and a great experience to its visitors.The cost of the casino project is estimated to be $50 million. The main idea of the casino owners is to create a noteworthy entertaining complex, attracting the attention not only of players, but also of people, who have never entered a casino in their life.

Apart from offering exclusive gaming experience, Tropicana Evansville will also be able to accommodate its guests as the project includes a number of hotel rooms. Moreover, the developers also took in mind all the people, who are not casino fans, offering them various entertainments, including restaurants, bars, and an entertainment lounge.

It is interesting to note that Tropicana Evansville is to become the first land-based operating casino in Indiana. After 22 years of floating on the Ohio River, the gambling venue is finally able to move onshore. For those wondering, the reason for Tropicana Evansville to be unable to operate on land is legal restrictions.

The Floating Tropicana Evansville Runs Aground

For long years, casino operators were not allowed to establish gambling facilities onshore in Indiana as people were concerned that gambling may lead to many social ills and problems. Nevertheless, the Public Policy Committee endorsed a recommendation that the ship-based casino licensees are allowed to relocate onshore, as the gaming revenue to the state significantly sunk due to the increased competition from the neighboring states.

In 2015, Governor Mike Pence gave a nod to the bill, allowing the offshore casinos to build on parcels, which are already owned by the casino licensees.

This is a milestone in the development of Indiana’s gambling market as it will be easier for the regulators to oversee the industry and significantly reduce the rate of illicit gambling practices. Moreover, the land-based casinos are expected to be more successful, which will invigorate the state’s economy. Another advantage is that by moving onshore, most of the operators are vying to expand their entertaining facilities, which will create more job opportunities, declining the unemployment rate.