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Funniest Gambling Bets of All Time

The top reason for most of the people to place bets is the possibility to hit a solid amount of money without any efforts. For others, gambling is a pastime, which brings diversity and adrenaline in the daily life. No matter what are the reasons to gamble, one thing for sure – to wager money is a betting practice, which is as old as the hills.

The majority of the players stick to the good old established money-based betting pattern, but there are a handful of people, who are always in search of extraordinary. Thinking out of the box, these adventurous people sealed their names in the gambling history with their extravagant, and in some cases, even ridiculous bets. Sometimes gambling makes you want to cry in the corner, especially when you suffer losses. But as people say, every cloud has a silver lining and sometimes the currently bad moments appear to be the most unforgettable experience, which makes us laugh with tears.

Win a Bet, Get a New House… and a Wife

The history of gambling boasts more than one case in which gambling enthusiasts are wagering their houses. This sounds strange, but still acceptable. But wagering your wife together with the house might result in an angry wife, armed with the biggest pan, waiting for you to come back home. This is already something worth the attention.

The main participants in one of the most striking story are the two Russians Andrei Karpov and Sergey Brodov. It is not a secret that poker has the magical power to enchant its players, who do not want to stop playing as long as they have money left. But even without money, it seems that the show must go on. Left with nothing in his bank account, Mr. Karpov decided to bet his wife, and eventually lose her. But what is the most surprising in the story is that his ex-wife re-married his poker opponent Sergey Brodov and live together happily ever after.

That is only a drop in the sea of similar stories, in which a man bets his wife. But hopefully, that will serve as a lesson to gambling enthusiasts how to keep their wives… or not.

Take Off Your Clothes, Weather Girl!

To the joy of the French audience, the weather girl and former model Doris Tillier gave a promise to appear on the next TV weather broadcast totally naked in case the French football club manages to qualify for 2014 World Cup in Brazil. According to the Murphy’s Law, the French team won the game against Ukraine and therefore qualified for the big soccer competition. Keeping her word, Ms. Tillier appeared on a national TV channel, presenting the weather forecast as naked as her mother bore her.

Abracadabra and a Man Got Some Breast Implants

Some people seem to know no limits when money is in the game. This is the case with the Canadian gambler Brian Zembic from Toronto, who lost a significant amount on the stock market. Hence, he decided to strike a deal with one of his friends, under which he would get US $100,000 in case he agrees on a plastic surgery for breast enlargement and wear the surgeon’s “gift” for at least a year.

Being sandwiched between the option to be poor without implants or rich with some additional body improvements, Zembic went to look for a surgeon straight away, who would give him a brand new pair of breasts. What is even funnier is that Zembiac eventually started to like his breast implants, as he kept them for almost 20 years.

Win a Bet and Get a Tattoo

Nowadays, the tattooing needle knows no secret when it comes to the human body. Many people even decided to ink their bodies in case they lose or win a bet. Such is the case with Rodney Ward, a fervent supporter of the football team Manchester City. He lost a bet against one of his friends, who is a fan of Manchester City’s biggest enemy, and more particularly Manchester United. Ward made a bet with his friend that Manchester City would be the champion of the Premier League in the 2010-2011 season, promising that if his team loses, he will tattoo the rival team’s badge on his chest. Hence, Ward got the needle straight into his chest, both literally and figuratively.