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York Casino Campaign Gets Assistance from “Brexit” Advocating Firm

The referendum campaign for a new casino in York County has been reported to benefit from the services of the same controversial ballot firm, which talked the Brits to support “Brexit” and farewell the European Union. This time the goal is to persuade the British nation to support the southern Maine casino.

The proposal for the establishment of a casino in York County is heading to the ballot box in November, allowing voters to decide whether to give a nod to a third casino in southern Maine. In order to push the casino proposal forward and win the Brits’ approval, a campaign was launched, aiming to persuade voters to support the third casino proposal.

The campaign is led by Shawn Scott, who is the only one, allowed to establish the York County casino. But what emerged on the surface is that the Progress for Maine group paid more than $80,000 to the scandalous Washington-based firm Goddard Gunster.

It is worth to mention that the name of the Goddard Gunster firm became quite popular, after persuading the Brits to split the United Kingdom from the European Union, targeting voters on a psychological level. Besides advocating for “Brexit”, the company is reported to have played a key role in many other referendums. Hence, the firm has won its reputation as one of the most successful consulting company around the globe.

In order to up the chances to get the approval of the Brits, it seems that Mr. Scott benefits from the Goddard Gunster’s services to win over the public opinion. Nevertheless, it may appear to be not that easy task, as Mr. Scott managed to get people’s anger as his name was linked to other public scandals, including improper funding agreements. At present, the charges against Mr. Scott are not confirmed, but it seems that Brits started to be suspicious.

Following the controversial revelations, the Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee embarked on a campaign investigation, checking also the casino backers. One of the main supporters of the casino proposal is Mr. Scott’s sister Lisa Scott, explaining that the realization of the casino project will decrease the unemployment rate in the area. It is interesting to note that it was namely Mr. Scott who established the first gambling facility in Maine in 2003.

The ballot is to take place in November, when people will decide whether the casino proposal will be realized. In case the allegations that Mr. Scott participated in such schemes and hired Goddard Gunster consulting firm, are confirmed, this may be the U-turn in Scott’s casino campaign, heading to the wrong direction.