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Top 5 Most Adventurous Casino Locations

Being around since time immemorial, casino industry started to exhaust all the options to diverse the gaming environment. The gambling appeared to be a widespread pastime among many people in different countries. Nevertheless, playing one and the same games might become a bit boring at a certain moment.

That is the reason why many casino operators are constantly eyeing the latest technologies and exploring different ways to incorporate them into their business. Besides innovations, casino operators are trying to never stop surprising players.

Driven by the idea that mystery creates curiosity and interest, some casino operators decided to break the chains of the conventional thinking and establish their gambling facilities elsewhere but the normal well-known casino resorts such as Las Vegas or Macau. Having said that, the following presents 5 casinos, which are located in the most bizarre places in the world.

Casino in a Medieval Basement

No, we are not talking about a person, who converted the basement into an illegal gambling hall. We are talking to actually functioning and completely legal casino.

North Cadbury Court is a beautiful country-styled house, located in North Cadbury, Somerset, England. The house is built by Sir Francis Hastings somewhere between 1580 and 1610. But the building’s history is even older, dating as far back as 1300, when it was a medieval hall.

Currently, it is used as a venue for various events such as weddings, meetings or holidays. To put the final touch in the current resort, the owners decided to turn part of the medieval basement into an underground casino. Yes, you heard right – playing poker or blackjack in the basement.

At first, the idea may sound a bit “unwelcoming”, but enthusiasts might be surprised that the unusual casino offers one amazing atmosphere and it is completely supplied with all the needed casino equipment.

Going on a Casino Hunt in the Puddle

It is surprising to know that Casino Rivers in Des Plaines, Illinois is built in the middle of a puddle. At first, it may sound a bit like a “muddy” adventure, but it should be noted that the building looks no different than any others.

Many people would be curious to know that there is a reasonable explanation why the casino operators established a gaming facility in a puddle. The state’s gambling law allows only riverboat-based casinos to operate. In order to comply with the law, the casino operator found one unusual, but admittedly a smart decision – to establish the casino in a puddle, or to be more accurate in a shallow pit of water.

The casino is established in 2011 and offers various gaming options, including table games, slots and much more.

Back in the Cave to Win a Bet

Desert Cave Hotel is located in the mining town of Coober Pedy, South Australia. The town itself is popular with its underground residences, also referred to as “dugouts”. The owners of the Desert Cave Hotel decided to follow the city’s style and establish a casino hall and hotel deep under the ground.

In fact, Desert Cave Hotel is a popular casino destination in South Australia, as it is the only one, which is serving the gaming needs of the locals. It features a full range of various casino games, but lacks the glitter of the Las Vegas’ style. Coming here, the players can escape the hustle and the bustle, plunging in one peaceful and stress-free gaming environment deep under the ground.

Wagers Falling from the Sky

The casino industry entered even the sky “market”. AirJet Designs and Designescence introduced a design, specially created for airliners and private jets. The idea was adopted by Casino Jet Lounge.

The concept includes a gaming hall, featuring casino games tables and a bar. The space on board will be enough, so that passengers will not feel like being stuffed in a jar. At present, it is only a concept, but it will not be a surprise if the idea is realized in the near future, with so many airlines eyeing to improve their services.

Always at Hand

Thanks to various developments in Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, now it is possible to play whenever and wherever you may like. SlotsMillion was the first company to introduce such gaming options, which allow players to enjoy playing for real money in a private virtual casino room, without even leaving the comfort of their home.