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Compact Ride in World’s Smallest Travelling Casino

There are many prestigious and extremely rich casinos around the world. It is easy to find information about the biggest or the most luxurious casino. The word “casino” itself has always been related to glamour and lustre. That is not a surprise having in mind that gambling activities are constantly increasing their popularity. Thus, casino operators invest a mint of money to attract the attention of players to their casinos. That is the reason why there is a flood of glittering and posh casinos.

But since people talk about world’s biggest casinos, this inevitably invokes the following question – which is the smallest one. Many people would answer the smallest casino is most probably a poker table in someone’s basement or a slot machine in the living room. But you might be surprised that the world’s smallest casino is actually functioning, being well-equipped with gaming tables, dealers and even bars, but way smaller than even just a normal casino. Even though it is insignificant in size and not even in a building, good things come in small packages.

In fact, the smallest casino in the world actually has no fixed location, but it can pay you a visit just in front of your door. Yes, you heard right, it can come to you, even pick you up and drive you wherever you want as the casino is set on the back seat of a cab in London.

The unique diesel fueled vehicle offers gaming tables, live dealers, drinks and even internet gambling. The casino cab has been introduced by one of the most renown operator Grosvenor Casinos, as part of a marketing campaign to promote the company’s land-based casinos and its online gambling opportunities. The passengers can use Grosvenor Casinos’ official Twitter account in order to order a ride.

Once inside, the travellers are offered two options – a free ride to one of the Grosvenor Casinos’ land-based gaming facilities or a tour to elsewhere in the city, paying an optional donation to the company’s charity Carers Trust.

Besides the gaming options, the travelling casino offers free tutorials and guidance on the different games. Assuming the cab does not run out of diesel, passengers can travel around the whole city, while playing a game of their choice.

The cab is black in color, so that people can easily recognize it. The surreal experience has already attracted the attention of many players, even of people who have never entered a casino. Even though there are no fountains and special casino rooms, it does not mean that the experience is less exciting, even the opposite – you might be way more impressed to play in the back seat of a cab on your way to work.