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Japanese Legislators Ponder Proposal to Allow Poker Enter Casino Venues

The finishing line seems to be in sight for the Japanese legislators, who are crafting the second casino bill, currently discussing whether to allow poker at the planned Integrated Resorts’ casino areas.

Being on the brink of regulating its casino market, Japan is now facing another important question – the type of games that will be allowed to enter the casino floors. In the heat of the discussion, poker appeared among all the proposals.

The proponents of the idea for poker to enter the Japanese casino resorts pointed out that this is one of the most-played games worldwide, which will give an additional boost to the development of the casino industry in the area and attract the attention of more foreign visitors as poker is an international game.

On 31st July the Japanese advisory panel, a special committee, appointed by the government to control the gaming regulatory process released an outline of regulations, which is to control the gambling industry in the country of the rising sun. Besides all the other things, the regulations included information regarding the type of games.

It was reported that the casinos will be allowed to offer games, which are totally based on chance, but not on skills. In that way, all the players will have equal chances to win or to lose. Under the proposal, games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat are to be found in the selection of games in the Japanese casinos, once they start to operate.

It emerged on the surface that the committee recommended prohibition of sports betting and games, which the visitors can play between themselves, aiming to curb illicit practices.

Having in mind that poker is a game highly dependent on luck, but also on skills, its chances to enter the Japanese casino resorts are more than slight. Nevertheless, the game seems to have its supporters among the officials, who explained all the benefits from allowing the game to enter the casino venues.

Naoya Kihara, the first Japanese player to win the poker world championship explained that a great number of the people visit casino facilities, driven by the idea to play namely poker. The approval of the suggested changes may turn out to be another setback in front of the casino industry development, along with the severe rules for the operation.

Japan agreed to join the countries with regulated casino market in December 2016, aiming to attract the attention of more foreign visitors and thus revive its tourism. However, it seems that the country considers introducing too strict limitations, which may significantly damage the casino industry even prior to its market debut in Japan. Earlier this month, specialists even recommended that the lawmakers should adopt more liberal approach if they want to successfully achieve the goals.