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Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Ready for Action in New Hampshire

With the upcoming National Football League season, set to kick off on 11th August, the online bookies started to get ready to “attack” the recently regulated daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting market in New Hampshire and launch their websites.

New Hampshire is the 13th American state, which regulated DFS. The state’s Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill to legalize DFS in New Hampshire in July this year. The New Hampshire Lottery Commission was assigned the watchdog task. Many bookies expressed willingness to enter the fresh market, as it opens a great potential for the development of the industry in the area. For that purpose, operators needed to register in the commission. The legislators did not include any entry fee, which made the deal even more enticing.

Currently, it seems that the process took a rapid pace of development, as many operators are ready to launch their websites. Players will be able to choose one player for one day, instead of choosing a team for the full season. Laura McCann, a spokesperson for the Lottery Commission explained that the regulation of the market gives authorities control over the industry. Earlier this year, it was explained that around 200,000 enjoy DFS, even though being restricted at that time in the state.

It emerged on the surface that New Hampshire’s residents are well-familiar with some of the biggest operators in this industry, including Draft Kings and FanDuel. With the constant expanding of the industry, more and more states started to regulate their markets, facing the potential to bridge some gaps in their budgets and curb illicit practices.

The law agreed on regulating DFS in the state on the condition that they offer safe and player-friendly gaming environment. Moreover, the local officials were concerned that the regulated DFS market may cause social ills due to the addictive nature of gambling. In order to weed out, or at least curb, the problem, the officials required the operators to introduce adequate measures and free assistance to gambling addicts. In case the operators do not comply with the aforementioned requirements, the Lottery Commission is authorized to revoke their licenses to operate in New Hampshire.

The law refers to the DFS as a game dependent on knowledge and skills rather than on gambling, but the officials reminded that wagering on the final result of a game is still illegal in the state, because it is considered as gambling. It seems that many DFS are fully prepared to enter the New Hampshire’s market, waiting for a green light to launch the websites.