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Brief Look into the World’s Oldest Operating Casinos

The word “casino” invokes many different pictures on people’s minds – from dealers, throwing cards in the air to the opulent buildings in Las Vegas and luxurious resorts in Macau. Gambling is an activity, which has been around for many years. It should be noted that this is not the case when it comes to online gambling, as its history is not as rich as the good old brick-and-mortar casinos, where people still flock around the tables, expecting to win “big money”.

History has always been a way to shed a light on the early beginning and how everything has evolved to its current state. Hidden between modern buildings are the remnants of gambling history. Below are the names of the world’s oldest casino buildings, which are still bringing the vestige of the past, sealed deeply in their amazing frescoes.

Casino di Venezia

Casino di Venezia claims to be the oldest casino venue in the world. Facing the romantic Venice’s Grand Canal in Italy, the building can be easily recognized with its elegant Venetian architecture. Historical documents show that the building itself was constructed as far back as 1509, serving as a home to a noble family.

Years later, and to be more accurate in 1638, the building is transformed into a casino. Its gambling halls offer spectacular cultural-enriching experience, as the inside décor still preserves the spirit of the history. Currently, the architectural masterpiece is still performing its function of a casino, offering to players a variety of classic games such as roulette, blackjack and others.

Casino Weisbaden

Casino Weisbaden date back to 1810, constructed to draw the attention of the rich European nobility. Casino Weisbaden is the oldest casino complex in Germany, which is still operating. Its architecture can bring every visitor back to the glorious past of the casino industry at that time, when gambling was among the most favored activity of the rich people.

The interior design offers exceptional statues from Greek mythology, mosaic art, and chandeliers. At present, Casino Weisbaden offers one amazing gaming atmosphere combined with a mind-blowing journey to the Germany’s history.

Crockford’s Club

Located on Curzon Streer in London, the building was constructed to serve as a gentlemen’s club. It started to operate as a casino venue in 1828, but it is believed that gambling activities took place in the building years before its official opening. There is an interesting theory that casino gaming in its present state originates from the halls of Crockford’s Club.

Serving the needs of the English nobility at that time, it was constructed in a way to attract the rich people. Thus, its baronial architecture offers nothing less than a luxury. It might be interesting to note that in 2014 the name of the casino entered the news titles, as a top poker player started a legal fight against the casino, which he eventually lost.

Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo is an iconic gaming venue located in France. The casino itself offers regal atmosphere. Its exquisite design attracted many movie makers to choose Casino de Monte Carlo as a background. The casino was built in 1856 and over the years it turned into the gambling venue of the richest people in the world, who love to play it big.

It was constructed to save Princess Caroline of the House of Grimaldi and her family from financial troubles. Gradually, the casino started to expand and currently it is still performing its functions. With its arched windows, mosaics and balustrades, the architecture of the building is also worth the attention.