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National Content Liquidators Auctions Taj Mahal Casino Items

Hard Rock International, the current owner of the former Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino, launched a public auction on 6th June, aiming to get rid of every vestige of the casino’s previous look and establish a luxurious and totally renewed casino.

The transformation of the former Trump’s casino has started earlier this month with a bang, knocking down the whole building. In an interview with the Press of Atlantic City, Joseph Jingoli, one of the investors in the Hard Rock deal commented that the demolishing of the building is the first and most important step from the reconstruction plan. He added that the plan is to create unique and fascinating gaming venue, which does not bring the burden of its past.

The price of the project is estimated to be around $500 million, while Hard Rock bought the Taj Mahal Casino itself for $50 million. It was also reported that the owners of the aged casino facility will invest not only in the architecture and the facade of the building, but also in the interior and every single detail. The high-budget project includes complete demolishing of the old building and constructing it anew.

In fact, the initial plan of the company was to invest $350 million, but the budget gradually swelled to $500 million. To start with the total transformation, the company decided firstly to get rid of all the bric-a-brac, launching a public auction. The wholesale started on 6th June, offering people the opportunity to bid on every single item, which found a place in the former casino, which now looks like a construction site. People could buy things such as lamps, chairs, mirrors and even game equipment.

National Content Liquidators (NCL) organized the auction. Enthusiasts, who wanted to buy a piece from the iconic casino were able to check the items for sale in NCL’s official website.

The current US president Donald Trump invested $1 billion in Taj Mahal, which started to operate for the very first time as far back as 1990. After filing for bankruptcy, “the eighth wonder of the world” closed its doors. A year later, the billionaire Carl Icahn purchased the casino, but it seems that the things went wrong again as he sold it to Hard Rock International. It was reported that the reason for this was a labor strike.

Currently, the present owners of the former Taj Mahal casino have big plans for establishing a gaming Mecca, worth $500 million. Hard Rock International has already started to work on fulfilling its big plan. The auction marked the starting point of the Taj Mahal Casino’s radical change.