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South Korea’s Jeju Island Officially Launches Renovated Gongzi Jeju Casino

Gongzi Jeju Casino is the brand new casino property, which recently opened on Jeju, the South Korean holiday island. The official opening of the casino facility happened on the 16th of July, even though it has actually been open since the 28th of April.

In April Gongzi Jeju Casino had its so-called pre-launch, as the management of the venue calls it, which was immediately followed by extensive renovation work, the results of which can be seen by the guests of the casino. The venue is open for foreigners only and is located in the Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel complex. According to the release, it covers 40,000 square feet (3,716 square meters) and it features 45 gaming tables and 24 slot machines, available for the customers of the casino.

People with more extensive knowledge of the matter would recall that there was a gaming facility functioning at the site of the complex, which carried the name Ramada Plaza Jeju Casino. Lysa Evans, Chief Operating Officer of Gongzi Jeju announced in a press release issued this Tuesday, that the new gambling venue carries with itself innovations in the gambling world, which aims to elevate the industry to a whole new level. The latest casino technologies and gaming integrity will transform Jeju into a gaming destination equal to Macau and Singapore.

The operators strive to make the best of the circumstances and develop the gaming world in a location which is easily accessible while also boasting impressive nature. The holiday island is well-known for its scenery and relaxing entertainment, so the hundreds of tourists will have one more reason to visit this piece of paradise. As an additional improvement Air Macau recently announced a direct flight from Macau to Jeju, which will further facilitate the access to the new casino venue.

According to the web page of Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, the property has been founded and funded by the Korean Teacher’s Credit Union. This has happened under a franchise agreement with Ramada, international hotel chain brand operated by the international hotel group Wyndham Worldwide Corp. Back in Jule 2003 Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel was opened for business, boasting 10 floors and 400 hotel rooms. The new addition to the already busy relaxation complex is aiming to attract tourists from all around the world and increase the popularity of the destination as one providing a wide variety of entertainment options.

The semi-autonomous South Korean province boasts numerous casinos, operating with foreigners exclusively. South Korea has 18 working casino venues, but only one of them, Kangwon Land has the permission to work with South Korean nationals. The gaming industry in Jeju Island is thriving at the moment because there have been a lot of new investments attracted in the recent years.