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Imperial Pacific Holdings Launches New Saipan Casino July 6

Imperial Pacific International Holdings, the Saipan casino operator announced it is going to commence gaming operations at its permanent resort this Thursday, the 6th of July. The casino operator was recently given a permission to launch the gaming operations by the 15th of July.

The gaming regulators in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands officially gave their permission last week for the work process to begin. The resort in question is the Imperial Pacific Resort Saipan, which is not finished yet. Following the approval, Imperial Pacific International stated its goal is to open the new venue for business by the 6th of July.

At the moment the holding operates a temporary Saipan casino called Best Sunshine Live, which could be classified as a “training” casino. It is located in a high-end shopping mall situated in Garapan and it opened for customers in July 2015. The casino operator has it in its plans to cease the operations of that casino and relocate to the new permanent venue. The Commonwealth Casino Commission gave its conditional approval to the request to launch it.

The launch of the venue has been a subject of many delays in the development process, among which trash fires, workplace fatalities, some subcontractors’ reluctance to pay their workers, and a thorough investigation into undocumented foreign workers. Luckily, now this is all in the past and the Imperial Pacific Resort Saipan is finally ready to welcome its customers on its premises.

Kwong Yiu Ling, Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Pacific International, expressed his excitement with the new era the company is entering. They are on the verge of a new luxury stage in Saipan, as the new gaming floor boasts more than 70 gaming tables and over 190 electronic gaming machines. This will provide all its customers and gaming enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy its full potential and test their skills on site.

For the time being, the venue will not provide hotel rooms, because this part of the whole project is still under construction. According to the terms of the gaming license, the resort ought to have a 250-room hotel open for the public before gaming activity begins. However, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Lottery Commission granted the holding a one-year extension of the deadline to the end of August 2018.

The big coming out party planned for the new gaming venue might be affected by the potential protests by construction workers still expecting to be paid by the Imperial Pacific International’s subcontractor Gold Mantis. On Monday more than 30 foreign workers gathered outside the resort to protest the lack of compensation and salaries for their hard work.