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Gateway Casinos & Entertainment to Invest C$60 Million in New Greater Sudbury Casino

New casino location in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is on the rise, promising to bring fresh money and hundreds of new job positions in the Nickel City’s local business.

A brand new opportunity for entertainment is soon to become reality, with the latest addition to Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. Canada’s leading gaming and entertainment company has announced its intention to open a new location on the Kingsway. The new building will be part of a new entertainment complex which is still in the plans.

The senior Vice President and Managing Director of Ontario for Gateway, Keith Andrews is very excited to be able to provide the entertainment industry in Greater Sudbury with this opportunity for development. The plans for the new Greater Sudbury casino are to bring more than 250 new jobs, thus lowering the unemployment rate in the area while supporting the new dynamic project.

According to Andrew Dale, the Vice President of Marketing, the True North project, as the site is currently known, will include a hotel, motor sports park, convention center and the most anticipated event hall boasting 6,000 seats. The professional collaboration between Gateway and True North Strong is expected to open doors for its guests in the spring of 2020.

However, certain people of position, among which Downtown Sudbury chair Jeff MacIntyre, claim that the location of the whole property will prove to be unsuitable and not convenient enough for large crowds. He states that a much better alternative would be to build it in the downtown, where the infrastructure has already been established. In reality, this might prove to be inconvenient for many guests and clients of the True North project, since in the busy heart of the city the space is never enough.

A municipal approval is yet to be received, but the prospects are sunny, because this new opportunity for developing the casino business in Greater Sudbury is not to be overlooked. Sudbury developer Dario Zulich entertains big hopes of turning the city in the new force of attraction in the sports and casino field in Canada. The whole True North project will provide more than 1,000 jobs.

After it has been chosen for the preferred operator for the Southwest Gaming Bundle by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation back in May, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment managed to successfully expand to Ontario and thus diversified immensely its portfolio, which has been progressively developed for the last 25 years.

The gaming giant is planning on investing more than C$300 million to improve and further develop its brand. Being only a single milestone in the bigger strategy of the company, the plans for investing in a new casino location in Greater Sudbury does not come as a surprise to anyone.