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euteller_casinosGoing over Canadian online casinos, trying to find one to join, you will notice that all kinds of global payment methods are offered, and among them, you often see Euteller. This is a Finnish online payment processor, which thanks to collaborations with major banks, has found its way to get listed among the top payment methods across casinos that accept Canadian players. It is a simple and effective intermediary service, allowing for fast and secure deposits across online casinos. What is Euteller and why consider using it across Canadian online casinos?

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About Euteller

Launched in 2007, Euteller is an online payment processor from Finland, connecting banks, users and chosen eCommerce platforms. It is an intermediary service that allows businesses to receive transactions faster and users to get quicker access and transfer of their funds. Even though several such solutions existed in the country already, this solution stands out from the rest thanks to its ease of use, effectiveness and speed.

It is completely safe and legit to use, as it holds proper licenses to provide its services, regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. It implements a two-factor authentication to ensure smooth but above all safe transactions, and as an added layer of security, it uses SSL encryption to encode all data transfer between the parties involved. What’s more, since it has partnered with leading banks in the region, it also uses their security protocols to further protect your funds. Eleven leading banks have its back, including Nordea, a bank available in Canada.

Ever since its launch, the solution has processed over 15 million payments. It has gained an unrivalled reputation in the European market, thanks to its efforts put and dedication to facilitating users’ online banking and making it the most effortless ever.

It is extremely easy to use and quite user-friendly, so anyone who wishes to start using it can do it right away. Thanks to that, and its remarkable track record, it has become quite popular across the online gambling industry. It is offered across the very best international online casinos, many of which accept Canadian players. But, you’ll find it listed among the top methods across Canadian-focused casinos, as well. Therefore, if interested in it, stay with us as we’ll explore all the steps you need to make to get started with it next.

Getting Started with the Solution

As introduced, Euteller connects you, the online casino player, your bank and your chosen online casino. It is the third party that ensures the transaction goes smoothly, with no glitches and interruptions, from your bank to your online casino account. So, considering it is not an eWallet, for instance, you’ve probably gathered by now that you won’t need to create an account with it; you will use it via your online banking platform.

Therefore, you’d need to have an active bank account with one of the partnered banks in order to use it and have your online banking profile ready. As mentioned previously, you could use it as a Canadian player only if you have an account with Nordea, because Nordea is offered in North America, and the solution has partnered with it. The other partnered banks are either Finnish or European, so you can’t have access to its service unless you have a Nordea account.

So, if you don’t have one, make sure you visit a Nordea branch and open your account; the process will be fairly easy. While at the bank, ensure to get your online banking profile up and running, requesting your credentials at the desk.

Assuming you’ve got that covered, let’s explain how you can use its services next. All you’d need to do is choose Euteller as your payment method at your chosen casino and select Nordea from the offered banks to complete the transaction. Since there is no registration process with it, to use the solution, you won’t need to remember additional usernames and passwords, but you’ll just log in using your online banking credentials to successfully make a deposit.

On that note, let’s go through the actual depositing process next, so that you see the solution in action right away, to see how it functions across online casinos.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Given the fact you have saved precious time as you didn’t have to create an account with it, use your time to search for the most perfect online casino to join to start using the solution. As mentioned, the solution is offered across the finest international casinos, but also across so many Canadian-focused casinos like Guts, Lucky247, Golden Tiger, Crazy Vegas and Casino Luck. Choose the one that would work best for you and register an account with it.

To make a deposit with Euteller, do the following:

  1. Visit your online casino’s Payment Methods/Banking page.
  2. Locate Euteller’s logo on the list of accepted methods and press it.
  3. In the new window, enter your Nordea online banking profile using your credentials.
  4. Specify how much you’d like to fund your online casino balance with.
  5. Confirm the transaction and watch the money arrive in your account immediately.

You may have noticed by now that we haven’t mentioned withdrawals throughout our article; that’s because these are not possible with Euteller. Check the casinos we just mentioned, and you’ll see that the solution is only accepted for deposits, but nowhere to be seen for withdrawals.

What happens is, the company behind it does not offer the cashout functionality from online casino sites at the moment; stay tuned as this might change in the future.

For now, however, have an alternative solution prepared to cash out winnings you made playing across Canadian online casinos. Some eWallets or cryptos would be excellent for this purpose.

Applicable Fees

To make things easier for users, Euteller charges one fixed, standard fee, regardless of the amount of money being transferred. The 1.95% fee applies for all transactions you’re making with it, regardless of how big or small they are.

Banks, however, may charge an extra fee, depending on many factors. So, before you start using its services, it would be wise if you spoke with a bank representative to make sure no other fees are charged.

Now, you should remember that currency conversion fees would apply, too. If you wish to transact via it using your native currency, a conversion fee based on the current market value will apply.

Accepted Currencies

Considering the solution was launched in Finland, and was intended for European users, its default currency is the euro.

However, since you’ll be using it through Nordea, you could choose to open a foreign currency account in euros to avoid the conversion fee or use Canadian dollars, subject to a conversion fee. The choice is yours.


Even though headquartered in Turku, Finland, and most popularly used in the country and the region, the solution has widened its horizons by partnering with banks that are offered in other countries, too, like Nordea, offered in Canada.

Therefore, you will be able to use its services if you’re a Finnish player or a player from the European region, depending on the banks’ availability across other countries, and as a Canadian player, only if you have a Nordea bank account.

Customer Support

When you visit its official website, you will notice that on the Contact Us page, the company’s info is explicitly displayed, as this is a responsible and duly regulated company, there for its users. You will also notice that there’s a national phone line for Finnish players, an email address and an on-site contact form for all players. The Support agents are at your disposal from 08:00 to 16:00 (EET), so you could get in touch with them whenever you come across an issue or you have a question you need to ask.

Naturally, you could get in touch with your casino’s Customer Support service, especially if you’re having questions regarding your deposits with the solution. They’ll gladly help you out, as they are trained to assist players in the best way possible. Plus, they are available via phone, email, contact form and Live Chat usually, so you can choose the way you’d want to get in contact with them.


While you are a bit restricted when it comes to using Euteller, in the sense that you have to have an active Nordea bank account in order to use it, it is still a solution worth considering and worth the trouble of opening a new bank account, if you don’t already have one with Nordea. This is a responsible, safe, legit and fast solution to use for your deposits across Canadian online casinos, offered across many sites you can access, therefore, if unsure whether it is the perfect fit for you, at least give it a try via your online banking profile; no extra registration is needed.


Is Euteller’s official website available in different languages?

If you were hoping for French, no. However, you could explore its website in English, that’s for sure, even though it is also available in Suomi, the Finnish language, considering its origins, of course.

Is there a FAQ page on its website where I could find some answers I may need?

No, unfortunately, no. In case you’re having some doubts or questions about its service, you’d have to contact its Customer Support service, or try getting in touch with your online casino’s Support team; they should be able to help you out.

How many Canadian online casinos are offering it approximately?

You’ll find at least a dozen reviewed and listed here at, but widen your search and you’ll find plenty more. As said, the solution is quite popular across international online casinos, and casinos catering to Canadian players, so you’ll certainly have a lot of options to consider.

Should I expect extra fees when it comes to depositing with it across Canadian online casinos?

No, not really. Except for the fixed fee and any bank/conversion fees that you may come across, do not expect extra fees charged by online casinos when using this solution for deposits. Canadian online casinos rarely charge extra for any method, but just to be on the safe side, make sure you check out your casino’s Payment Methods/Banking page to see whether any hidden fees apply.

Do transaction limits apply when using Euteller across Canadian online casinos?

On its part, no. However, due to responsible gambling regulations, Canadian casinos are forced to limit the transaction amounts that can go in and out of their accounts. So, before you make a deposit with the solution, make sure you find out what the maximum deposit limit is at your chosen casino, to avoid any possible complications or issues.