Do You Know What Casino Games Suit You Best?

We’ve decided to make a little guide for those who are only starting out with online gambling and wondering what kind of games will suit their personality type. In this article, we’ll talk about all the major casino titles and what kind of players will like them the most.

You probably know that there are many different types of gambling activities, and not all will suit everyone’s taste, so that’s why we will make sure that you try out those games that will accommodate your tastes. The gambling industry is wide, and it would be a shame for some to start experiencing it with the wrong games. Here are the best casino games based on your personality type.

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Slot Games for Instant Gratification

First, on our list, we have arguably the most popular type of gambling game. We’re talking about online slots!

Even people who don’t frequent gambling parlors know what slot machines are, as they have been a worldwide phenomenon for decades at this point.

In our opinion, they are the perfect choice for those looking for some instant gratification when playing. The action starts right away, and you won’t be waiting a lot before you get at least some sort of winnings. This is probably why many beginner players tend to opt for these games.

Of course, the fact that you can very quickly learn specific titles is a very tempting attribute of slots as well. Someone can pick up and learn the entire game in a matter of minutes. Those that love generally simple and explosive entertainment will find a lot of fun here.

One of the main things that slots have as an advantage is the sheer amount of them. This means that there are many different types of mechanics, themes, and genres players can explore, which is definitely a huge plus for slots in comparison to most casino games. Those that prefer experimenting and exploring different genres will also adore playing one-armed bandits.

There is a good reason why they have been the number one pick for the bigger chunk of the player base. They are quick, easy to get into, and most importantly, incredibly fun and flashy.

Since there really is a huge amount of slot titles to choose from, we highly recommend that you always try out the demo or free play for the specific game before you deposit real money for it. You can also read up on various slot reviews from professional gambling outlets or from past user experiences.

Blackjack – Great for Beginner and Social Table Game Players

blackjackAfter slots, we’re going to switch our focus on the best traditional casino title for those that are maybe a little intimidated by all the strategies and tricks that some table games tend to have. Blackjack is perfect for players who are looking to break the ice with table games but are maybe a bit scared.

This is because blackjack can be learned very quickly. The rules are simple, you have to beat the dealer by acquiring higher cards than him, without crossing over 21 (the blackjack). The players can choose to hit, stand, double, or split their dealt cards, which makes it a perfect combination of strategy and luck.

While this maybe sounds too simplistic, there is enough nuance in blackjack to make it very attractive in terms of entertainment, and more importantly, the cashout potential. There is a lot of room for improvement, so those that also like to hone their skills will have a great time playing blackjack.

Of course, there are also many different variations of blackjack, which also makes experimenting with other titles a very viable option for players that are interested in that. There are dozens of versions that either slightly change the game being played, or those that totally overhaul the entire blackjack system.

Plenty of blackjack online tables have great communities, with players constantly talking and exchanging tips and tricks, while also chatting about their everyday lives. There is definitely a huge social aspect in playing blackjack, so those who fancy making friends and are generally communicative will appreciate it.

Poker – Improving Skills and Competing

After zoning into the world of table games with blackjack, you might also want to try live dealer poker. As many of you probably already know, poker is definitely the game where you can actually improve your winning chances and become an incredible player with enough dedication and practice.

That’s why, in our opinion, we think this is the perfect game for those individuals who are looking to start playing a game where there is a lot to learn and improve on. While the rules of poker by themselves aren’t the most complicated thing, there are so many factors to consider that becoming a pro is definitely one of the hardest things in the gambling world.

There are plenty of people who believe that regular casino games are too mindless with luck playing a huge role in actually winning, and that’s why we would most definitely suggest poker to those types of people.

The skill ceiling here is incredibly high, and you will definitely enjoy climbing it if you like reading up on strategies and professional tips. Of course, watching professional poker streams is also a great way of learning. If you like depth in your games, then you should immediately give poker a try.

It also has a plethora of different variations as well. There are poker versions that are very different from each other, and learning one doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to play the other right off the bat. The complexity and depth of these titles is something that truly makes them special.

Roulette – A Thrilling Excitement

rouletteNow next up on our list, we have another table game that is specifically going to suit those that love excitement and anticipation the most in their gambling. Roulette is the perfect party table game for those that aren’t looking for the most “difficult game.

Out of all the table titles we’ve mentioned, roulette is definitely one that is mostly based on luck, but that is definitely a plus for some. As you may expect, there is a huge number of players that adore roulette just for this reason.

Of course, the fact that you can also cash out some humongous winnings is also something that attracts many to try out roulette. We think that punters who are looking to try out something that won’t require them plenty of skill while also allowing them to potentially win huge prizes should try roulette out.

The anticipation factor is also huge here, and it is something that most games can’t achieve. Experiencing the roulette rush is something that only those who have played it can know. Rarely any title than roulette can evoke such emotion when a huge win is accomplished.

Baccarat – A Perfect Mix

If you’ve read all of our suggestions up until now and you’ve thought that some of these games are either too easy or too hard, then you might want to check out Baccarat. It works in the same principle as Blackjack does: you’re trying to beat the dealer, but only this time the limit is 9.

Although baccarat certainly does have many similarities to blackjack, we would classify it as being a little bit more complex to get into, but certainly not as difficult as poker or something similar to that.

We think that this is the perfect middle ground between all the aforementioned titles, and if you’re looking to impose a little challenge on yourself while still having loads of fun, baccarat is going to be the perfect choice for you.

Video Poker

As the name suggests, video poker is the video version of the incredibly famous and tactical gambling game poker that we’ve already talked about in this article. What separates this version from the traditional is the fact that you’re going to be playing versus a computer.

This is a very streamlined and straightforward version of poker. In our opinion, this is for those who love the rules of poker and how it functions, but they would prefer to play it alone and without any interruption.

Of course, this eliminates the element of skill here, so you should definitely keep that in mind. Having players to play against is definitely the biggest reason why many try out poker.

While this is certainly a more niche type of casino game, there is still a huge chunk of players who love it just because it has that explosive feeling of a slot while following the rules of a great table game.


In summary, players should definitely choose what they are playing based on their personality. The main reason why everyone should gamble is to primarily have fun and to entertain themselves. Plenty of people try to maximize their winnings by playing games they don’t like simply because they’ve read it somewhere, but that defeats the whole purpose. Make sure that you try out as many games as you can by playing the demo version before deciding on where you’re going to spend the most amount of time and money.