What Makes Microgaming’s Immortal Romance Slot So Popular 13 Years Later?

In the online slot space, there are thousands on top of thousands of unique titles for players to explore. With so many new games coming out every day, punters treat most of the products as temporary fun, but some slots’ popularity and legacy remain even after a lot of time passes. In today’s article, we’re talking about a game like that. We will discuss what makes Microgaming’s Immortal Romance so popular 13 years later. This one came out in 2011, and it is still regularly played and worshiped in online casinos across the world. Many developers wish their titles had a devoted fan base like this, so let’s take a look at what makes it so special and endearing to players that even the newer releases from this studio can’t come close in terms of popularity.

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Dangerously Fun Mechanics and Features

Immortal Romance wouldn’t experience the same level of fame and appreciation if it didn’t boast some intriguing and exciting features. At the end of the day, that’s what players are looking for the most, and Microgaming crushed it in this department.

First and foremost, players are provided with a wild symbol that doubles each win it is a part of. This can significantly increase base game-winning combinations. Players don’t need to constantly wait for the bonus round so they can anticipate bigger sums of money, and we think that’s fantastic. Be that as it may, we are only getting started with what this one-armed bandit offers.

Next up we have the Wild Desire feature, which can occur randomly with any base game spin. Here, players can see up to 5 entire reels transform into wilds. As you can probably imagine, this can accumulate to some ridiculously high wins, which further adds excitement to regular spins. Even with all of this, we still haven’t made it to the star of the show, which is the bonus rounds.

If players manage to get 3 or more scatter symbols to appear, they will be greeted into the chamber of spins. To put it simply, this is one of the most innovative takes on the free spins mechanic that is present in so many online slots. It would be harder to find games these days that don’t have some sort of a free spins bonus round quite frankly.

What separates this bonus round from the rest is the fact that there are 4 different levels attributed to it, which players progress through by continuously entering the chamber of spins. These are divided into characters named Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah.

Every bonus round first starts with Amber, where punters receive 10 free spins alongside a multiplier that grants x5 for all winning combinations. Once the player manages to attain this bonus round 5 times, they’ll be able to unlock the next character Troy.

With him, the number of free spins received rises to 15 instead of 10. Additionally, a new feature called Vampire Bats is introduced to the bonus. During the feature, vampire bats randomly appear and transform current symbols to x2, x3, or x6 multipliers.

After the tenth chamber of spins trigger, players are faced with Michael and his 20 free spins, which are supplemented by the rolling wilds feature. During Michael’s free spins, rolling reels can provide multiple consecutive winnings in the range of 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.

Finally, after the 15th trigger of the chamber of spins, players will receive 25 free spins with the help of Sarah. She also introduced the Wild Vine symbol that can appear on the 3rd reel. This feature allows additional symbols to be replaced with wilds. Furthermore, players can now retrigger free spins by getting additional scatter symbols to appear.

Taking everything into account, it’s more than obvious why Immortal Romance has become such a cult hit amongst slot fans. The sheer amount of unique mechanics and features is something to admire. Be that as it may, many other factors played a significant role in putting this title to such prominence.

Graphical Design and Atmosphere

graphical_design_and_atmosphereAnother one of the standout features of this online slot is the beautiful visuals it has. That’s right, Microgaming did an amazing job in the graphical department. The tone of the game is rather dark, but that only adds to the atmosphere as the main theme here is vampires.

The art style here is simply fantastic. All the symbols and characters are meticulously detailed to the brim, and it is more than obvious how much effort it took to make them look this great. Additionally, the background has some nice-looking 3d effects that complete the visual experience.

Usually, slots that are very colorful and vibrant will attract more players, but that isn’t the case with Immortal Romance. With darker shades and a mysterious setting, it manages to glow in a way that we aren’t used to seeing. The game is played in a truly special environment that resonates with players.

What drives the atmosphere even more is the unmatched soundtrack and general sound design. While it is gloomy and dark, there are also hints of optimism and hope, which nicely portrays the overall slot theme of vampires who are in love. Remember, this isn’t your typical vampire-themed slot, as we don’t usually see romance combined with horror elements.

This type of art direction compliments the aforementioned features perfectly, and that ultimately results in a complete and breathtaking slot experience. The studio nailed so many good things in terms of the overall looks and feels of the game, and that’s something players appreciate.

The Story

Now, generally speaking, when we play one-armed bandits, we don’t expect there to be a story involved with the titles. Usually, there may be a line or two explaining the setting and atmosphere of the games, but it’s rare to see a software developer providing lore for their products.

Microgaming decided to go with a different approach and devise a story that relates to the characters you can encounter in the chamber of spins round. This is very uncommon, and it just goes to show how much effort this studio put into Immortal Romance. The attention to detail and everything in between is simply astonishing when we take a wider look at the game.

So, every character here has its own story. Amber is a descendant of a witch family, and she is incredibly versed in devising vials and potions that can either harm or assist others. She is also able to see the past and the future of any person she comes in contact with. Her best friend is Sarah, and she is worried about Michael hurting or turning her into a vampire.

Troy is a Vampire who is an acquaintance of Michael. He is a very slick character who has a lot of charisma but is also incredibly dangerous because of his vampiric tendencies. He sees Amber as a threat and worries about Sarah hurting his mentor Michael.

Michael is an 800-year-old vampire who is in love with Sarah. He is a professor at a university, and he aspires to make something of himself, instead of mindlessly surviving as a vampire. Lastly, we have Sarah who is a scientist dedicated to devising a cure that can eliminate aging. She realizes that Michael’s vampiric nature can help her in that, which puts her in a huge moral dilemma.

With so much heavy lore involved, it’s no wonder why Microgaming managed to develop such a legendary slot title. The story helps immortalize this product and gives it a unique characteristic that allows it to stand out among the rest.

Immortal Romance Specifications

Immortal Romance is an online slot that is played on 5 reels and 3 rows, with 243 ways to win and a maximum possible cashout of x12150 of the original stake. This title has a high RTP of 96.86%, which isn’t the biggest we’ve seen, but it certainly isn’t the smallest either. When it comes to volatility, this product provides winning frequency in a medium range.

The minimum amount you’ll need to bet is 0.3 credits, while the maximum is capped at 60. This allows enjoyment for both those who gamble on a smaller budget and those who like spending a bit more money for their gaming sessions.

When we look at these stats, there isn’t anything structurally unique that sets this one-armed bandit apart from the others, but that’s just something that makes its success even more astonishing. Microgaming didn’t have to reinvent the slot structure to develop a cult classic. They just focused on providing players with very innovative bonus features, a great atmosphere, and a compelling story.


In summary, it’s apparent why Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is still regularly being played in online casinos 13 years after its release. It is a complete slot experience that doesn’t lack in any department. It’s fully packed with interesting base game mechanics, tons of free spin variations, a beautiful graphical setting, a stellar sound design, and a narrative to tie it all together. This is a title that all studios should look up to and draw inspiration from.