Nolimit City’s New Fishing Slot – Ugliest Catch

In the world of online slots, there are hundreds on top of hundreds of different themes, genres, and features for players to explore. This is one of the main selling points of these types of casino games. Players can spend countless hours discovering and enjoying new adventures. One of the most popular themes in the one-armed bandit space is the fishing genre. If you’ve ever looked for a title to play, you’ve probably seen numerous games with fishing being the main attraction. In today’s article, we’re looking at Nolimit City’s Ugliest Catch and if it’s the ultimate fishing slot for players. Here’s everything about this attractive product – from graphics and sound design to all the features you can expect to see.

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Ugliest Catch is Feature-Rich

First and foremost, let’s talk about the most important part of any online slot out there – the mechanics and features. As we have already mentioned, there are already plenty of fishing games out there, and every new one needs to differentiate itself. What better way to do that than by implementing entertaining slot mechanics?

Luckily, NoLimit City understood that they needed to make something unique that would allow this title to stand out amongst the rest, and that’s why they’ve managed to crank in a ridiculous amount of features for players to explore. We would go as far as to say that this might be a fishing slot with the most mechanics out there.

Firstly, we have to mention the Enhancer Cells. As soon as you open the game, you’ll notice that the top and bottom rows are locked. It stays that way until a scatter lands on a reel, relieving the top and bottom cells. Here players will be able to receive a normal symbol, Fisherman Wilds, xWay symbols, or Big Berta Prizes.

The xWays symbols can only appear in the Enhancer Cells’ positions, and they turn into 2 to 4 regular-paying symbol instances, which can dramatically increase how players attain winning combinations.

The Kill N’ Grill Wild Fishing feature is present once a Golden Fisherman Wild appears in the Enhancer Cells Position, and this triggers the fishing prize collection game. During this mechanic, all Fisherman Wild symbols assist in collecting the Fish Trophies and Big Berta prizes.

Both Fish Trophy and Big Berta prizes come in with cash prize values. The Fish Trophies can award players with 2x, 5x, 25x, 250x, 1,000x, or 5,000x the original stake, while the Big Berta prizes award 100x, 250x, 1,000x, or 5,000x the original betting stake.

There are also 3 different free spins bonus rounds called Lunker Spins, Hawg Spins, and Honey Hole Spins. Lunker Spins are received from having 3 scatter symbols appear, and they allow players to have 6 Enhancer Cells active for the duration of 8 free spins.

Having 4 scatter symbols appear will trigger 8 Hawg Spins that will have 8 Enhancer Cells active, while the Honey Hole Spins will award 10 free spins with all 10 Enhancer Cells active.

Opening extra enhancer cells is also possible by getting scatter symbols, which will also provide punters with an extra free spin for each symbol. During this bonus feature, Fisherman Wilds are collected in the Enhancer Cells, which increases the Troll Level Multiplier from x2, x3, to x10, depending on the number of wilds collected. For every multiplier increase, the players receive an additional 2 free spins.

Finally, the players can choose to buy the bonus rounds as well. They also have the ability to place boosted xBets which guarantees a scatter symbol appearing on the second reel, which automatically triggers the activation of Enhancer Cells.

Theme and Aesthetics

theme-and-aestheticsNow that we’ve talked about the most crucial parts of this online slot, let’s shift our focus to another pivotal department that no provider should shrug off, and that’s the visual and audio department.

NoLimit City is a developer name synonymous with great graphics and a stellar audio design, and that is exactly what you’ll see in Ugliest Catch. The game feels like it’s alive and breathing, which brings the immersion to a whole new level, and that is something we highly appreciate.

While the fishing theme has been something we’ve seen countless times before, there is definitely a twist in aesthetics for this department. As the name suggests, players aren’t looking to catch the most beautiful or biggest fish out there. Quite on the contrary, they are looking to catch the ugliest one.

Because of that, the setting of Ugliest Catch isn’t a perfect-blue sea or lake; instead, it’s pretty much a swamp filled with ugly and seemingly radioactive fish. This type of approach absolutely gives this game a unique style that plenty of players will appreciate.

The artwork and design of all the symbols are spectacular and very comical. We believe that the developers have done an exemplary job in terms of pulling in the player’s attention and entertaining them with simply what the game looks like.

When it comes to the audio department, the soundtrack is also excellent. It adds to the immersive experience and brings the whole thing together beautifully, making this a very appealing game.

Taking everything into consideration, Ugliest Catch has everything it takes to become one of the most popular fishing games out there. If you’re a fan of this slot theme and like playing good-looking titles, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t give this product a shot.

Not Like Other Fishing Slots

Now, you’re probably thinking that this is just another clone of many fishing slots out there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ugliest Catch actively tries to differentiate itself from its competition, and that can definitely be seen from the aforementioned mechanics and art style.

If you’re expecting to see another run-of-the-mill fishing game, then you would be gravely mistaken. This product stands on its own and has tons of entertainment packed for punters to enjoy.

Breaking into an already saturated market is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and that’s why we are praising NoLimit City for doing it with absolute style. We have no doubts that fishing fans will adore playing this one.

Perfect on Both Desktop and Mobile Devices

perfect-on-both-desktop-and-mobile-devicesOne of the great things about Ugliest Catch is the fact that both mobile and desktop users can enjoy the experience with the same level of quality. This is very important to mention for us as more and more players have been breaking into the mobile world of online gambling.

Whether you prefer playing your online casino games on the go or your computer, you’ll be able to enjoy and entertain yourself with this title. As the mobile gambling industry grows, all software providers must develop their titles with both mobile and desktop compatibility in mind.

A Perfect Entry to NoLimit City Game Library

The world of online slots is incredibly huge, and there are hundreds of different software providers out there with varying product qualities. NoLimit City is certainly one of the top dogs of the industry, and you shouldn’t call yourself a slot fan if you haven’t tried some of their titles.

That’s why we believe Ugliest Catch can be a great entry point for their game library. Chances are, if you end up liking this product, you’ll like some of the other games that they’ve put out over the years.

There are some great titles in their selection that you should absolutely experience as a one-armed bandit fan. They all have competent features and mechanics, which are always accompanied by top-notch graphics and sound design. There is a good reason why dedicated slot fans love these guys.

NoLimit City is famous for inventing mechanics such as xBet and xWays, which everyone in the online gambling industry has praised. These guys aren’t only producing games for quantity, they are also revolutionizing the way we know and play slots. They are an important part of the slot evolution. Without providers like these, we would all be playing games that can’t be differentiated from one another.

Because of that, we highly recommend you give Ugliest Catch a shot, as chances are you’ll want to see everything else these guys have made in the past, and you wouldn’t be wrong for wanting that.


In summary, NoLimit City’s Ugliest Catch can certainly be considered an ultimate fishing slot. It has abundant fun and exciting features that will keep the players occupied for hours on end. Besides that, the game boasts beautiful and attractive graphics with an art style that absolutely takes the cake. This is all accompanied by a quality soundtrack that pulls the players in even more, making the atmosphere top-notch.

They have managed to make a unique product that is special and one-of-a-kind, even if it is a genre that we are all very much aware of. We highly recommend that you give this product a chance, even if you’re not a slot fishing fan, as we are certain that you are going to like it.