Is Yggdrasil The Master of Unique Slot Mechanics?

In the world of online slots, there are so many possibilities and features for players to explore and enjoy. We think that the biggest appeal of one-armed bandits in casinos is the fact that punters can explore and experiment with thousands on top of thousands of different games, which makes the activity always interesting. One of the main things that separates some slot titles from others is different mechanics. In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a look at the master of unique slot mechanics – Yggdrasil Gaming. These guys have been on top of the game when it comes to innovation and evolution, so we’ve made a list of all of their fantastic features.

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We’re kicking things off with the newest iteration of mechanics from this wonderful software provider. Tophit is another proof of how these guys constantly evolve and produce something new and fresh onto the slot scene.

Presented in their recent title Starfire Fortunes TopHit, this feature allows players to gain an additional horizontal reel for their games, and Yggdrasil has promised that all future products will also do the same.

The horizontal reel is triggered when the player manages to get a full symbol to appear on the board. That symbol ends up deciding and influencing what happens to the rest of the reels. In Starfire Fofrtunes TopHit, the symbol is converted into wilds and that causes a chain reaction for other similar symbols to convert as well, potentially awarding some huge wins.


splitzOur list continues with one of the most popular Yggdrasil Gaming mechanics out there – Splitz. If you don’t already know, this feature has been frequently played and enjoyed in the last couple of years.

The main selling point of this innovation is the Splitz symbols. These symbols are collected by players throughout their playtime. Every time a symbol like that lands, it splits into several more symbols, which can ultimately payout some ridiculous wins if you are lucky enough.

These guys can split into up to 5 different symbols, and that is the biggest reason why people love this mechanic so much. What’s even more interesting is that punters can potentially achieve these wins without betting huge amounts. Those who have enough luck can have multiple splitz symbols split and that will always result in an enjoyable time.

The mechanic is relatively easy to understand, and that is also something very attractive about it. Even beginner slot players can understand the concept of this feature and enjoy it in a matter of minutes.


Next up we have another fan favorite when it comes to thrilling features. We’re talking about Gigablox, Yggdrasil’s exciting mechanic that is also used to improve wins and add an extra layer of entertainment and anticipation.

If you’re playing an online slot with this feature included, you can expect to see different kinds of symbols appear. These guys are referred to as the gigablox symbols, and they can either come in 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 sizes. Gigablox symbols dramatically increase the chances of players getting a winning combination, simply because they are at least double the size of a normal one.

This is another mechanic that isn’t difficult to wrap your head around at all. If you’ve been anxious about trying out new things with your one-armed bandit game sessions, we seriously recommend that you give this one a shot, as it is straightforward and without any complicated nuances.


We’re continuing with another fantastic mechanic that has a rather similar name to the previous one we’ve talked about, but it certainly has a different function. Gigarise is another spectacular way for punters to have more fun while playing slots while also increasing their chances to win.

The way this feature functions is that players collect Gigarise symbols, just like in Gigablox, but with the difference being that these symbols heighten the reels by one slot, each time you get one.

What’s even more exciting is that these heightened reels remain at that position and can keep on expanding to a certain point. Once they have reached their maximum height, the reels are brought back to their original state and players are granted some sort of a bonus round or feature.

Gigarise is exceptionally useful in increasing your winning combinations, especially if you manage to get a lot of heightened reels at the same time.


doublemaxMultipliers are a feature every single one of us loves to see in their online slot games. They are a perfect way for someone to double, triple, or even quadruple their wins. Some titles go much beyond that, and they can usually do that when implementing Doublemax.

This Yggdrasil’s slot mechanic introduces an additional multiplier on the right side of the game board. This means that players have 2 different multipliers running at the same time while they are spinning their game, and we think that’s absolutely brilliant.

These multipliers are running at different reels, which can result in players being paid in separate ways. This is a relatively simple feature, but it has a huge impact on how you’re going to be experiencing the game. It can result in some pretty crazy multipliers and wins.


Up next we have a similar mechanic called Duomax, which is also focusing on improving how multipliers function and making sure that they are a lot more entertaining for the players.

Duomax works differently in comparison to our aforementioned feature. While Doublemax introduces two different multipliers simultaneously, Duomax puts a spin on it by introducing multipliers for multipliers. While this may sound confusing at first, it most certainly isn’t, trust us.

Slots with Duomax as their feature are usually going to have cascading reels, and this directly ties to the mechanic. With every cascading win, the multiplier is doubled. You can only imagine what kind of wins it’s possible to acquire with this mechanic.

Another amazing fact is that there is no maximum cap on how huge your end multiplier can be, and that is one of the reasons why plenty of people have huge win stories with these types of one-armed bandits, even more so than those who play table games like online poker professionally.


Here we have another similar mechanic with a pretty similar name as well, Multimax. As you can probably tell, Yggdrasil Gaming has really been doing its work when it comes to improving the multiplier experience for its players, and that is incredibly obvious.

In this iteration of “max”, the multiplier is awarded to every reel that contributes to a win. This means that the players need to achieve at least one winning symbol on each real in order for it to connect.

The more reels you have connecting each other, the bigger the multiplier is going to be. In our opinion, this is the least exciting mechanic we’ve seen so far, but it goes without saying that cashing out big wins with it is certainly possible.

Multimax has definitely been a great choice for those who are fans of both Duomax and Doublemax, as it has a similar feel to it, with it being just different enough to have its own taste and target audience.


wildenergyNow we’re focusing on a different kind of mechanic that is mainly there to make a difference in how wild symbols function in our slot games. WildEnergy is an exceptionally great feature – one that can definitely turn any random spin into something much, much bigger.

WildEnergy Wilds have “lives” associated with them which can be triggered based on the type of game you are playing. In most cases, this happens when the wild is a part of a winning combination.

These wilds turn sticky and trigger a respin. If you manage to get another WildEnergy wild in the winning combination, you’ll get another respin. This can go on and on until you have some fantastic wins for yourself.

This makes anticipating wild symbols even more exciting than it ever was, and we are all for it!

Wild Fight

Another very famous and enthralling Yggdrasil mechanic that involves wild symbols is Wild Fight. When we take a look at all the features we have mentioned, we must say that this one definitely has the most charm and innovation in it, as it does something entirely different.

Here, you’ll be able to witness a fight between your symbol and a character. When you manage to get a high symbol combination, the symbol is going to enter a conflict with a character, and depending on the outcome, is going to turn into a wild.

This means that if you end up winning, you’ll have a wild symbol appear, which can increase your winning amounts even more. These guys can also become sticky or have some other properties depending on the title you are going to be playing.


We’re closing things off with a very suspenseful and hectic mechanic that is surely going to make you want to keep on playing. FastPot5 introduces jackpots in a different way than we have previously known them.

Yggdrasil has made getting jackpots a lot easier, by allowing you to acquire it when you manage to get 5 symbol collections, depending on the game. The jackpot generally increases over time during base spins, and resets to 0 once it has been awarded to the player.

In most cases, players need to collect 5 symbols during free spins or some other form of bonus round. The suspense this mechanic generates is unmatched, as a huge win could be waiting around the corner easily.