Guide to Stakelogic’s New Slot Bonus Round Super Wheel

Certain software providers are always trying to improve and enhance the gameplay experience of their online slots. While some studios pride themselves on the quantity of the titles they put out, others are meticulously trying to renovate how everything plays out completely. In today’s article, we’ll discuss Stakelogic’s latest slot feature Super Wheel, and how it introduces a new mechanic to their already established portfolio of one-armed bandits.

A Little Bit About Stakelogic

If you have at least a little bit of online gambling experience, then you must have heard about Stakelogic – the legendary software developer. As far as their competition is concerned, this studio is at the top of the food chain, with the team being famous for providing players with numerous titles.

They have initially garnered attention from the players with their amazing library of online slots. Their signature style of slot production is recognizable anywhere in the world, with their games being filled with various unique mechanics and features that create unforgettable experiences.

The team is also very well-known for the art direction of the games they develop. Atmosphere and immersion are the keywords here, as every time you decide to play some of their games, you’ll be instantly transported to a whole new world where the fun never stops.

Apart from developing one-armed bandits, Stakelogic is also fairly popular in the live casino space. Over the years they have developed numerous live dealer titles, including classic table games and game show-type experiences that have resonated with the players instantly.

The software provider holds licenses from over 10 regulatory bodies, is available in over 20 markets, and holds 7 prestigious rewards for their accomplishments in the iGaming industry. With all of these acolytes, it’s no wonder that the studio has been getting even more recognition as the years pass.

Their latest mechanic Super Wheel combines the best of the two worlds, so let’s get into the specifics of what you can expect to see when you start spinning one of Stakelogic’s online slots.

Super Wheel Review

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the new feature will be available to everyone who decides to play one of several online slots developed by Stakelogic. The only thing you need to do is check the Super Wheel bet when playing and you’ll be integrated into the lottery-like system.

Super Wheel can trigger any random spin during your gameplay. This means that you don’t have to achieve some sort of winning combination or receive a certain amount of symbols to be able to experience the mechanic. Lucky players will be immediately notified of the fact that they have won the bonus round, and will be transported to a separate live studio.

Here they will be presented with a big wheel full of prizes and a live dealer that spins it. The wheel features standard rewards which are multipliers, alongside three unique and exciting bonus rounds. Whatever the wheel ends up stopping out, you will end up with some sort of reward. It’s impossible to finish the feature without winning anything, which is a great thing.

Multipliers range anywhere from 10x, all the way up to 200x, so even if you don’t get to experience the bonus rounds, you can still leave with some pretty handsome amounts of money at the end of the spin. If the wheel manages to land on one of the three bonus rounds, then you are in for some additional fun and possibly even bigger wins.

Vegas Drops provides you with the ability to chase multipliers in a separate section filled with 5 columns, while Vegas Diamonds features an auto-spin mini-game that also collects multipliers, with no limits on how many retriggers can occur.

Last but not least, we have the Vegas Hold ‘N Spin feature that resembles the Hold and Win mechanics in online slots. Players are transported to another section which features a grid with 3 respins. With each multiplier win, the players are rewarded with more respins, up until they have 3 consecutive losses or until they fill the grid.

All of this combined results in one of the largest online slot features out there. Punters essentially have an additional bonus round that can also provide them with 3 more on top of that. This is something we haven’t seen in the past, which is why so many players have been loving Super Wheel.

A Great Introduction to Stakelogic Slots

Those who have never played some of the amazing online slots produced by Stakelogic now have a great incentive to do so. With Super Wheel being introduced to a multitude of titles, now is the perfect time for you to give some of these games a shot, as you are guaranteed to have a good time.

This software developer has put out over 550+ unique one-armed bandits over the years, with so many of those being cult classics amongst one-armed bandit fans. They all have interesting mechanics within them, most of which are unseen in titles developed by other studios.

While Stakelogic doesn’t necessarily hold the same status as some other titans in the industry like Playtech or Evolution, they have been steadily climbing the ranks by showing the players how quality products from a smaller team can be a lot better than some uninspiring cash grabs.

Even if you’ve never dabbled with online slots, we highly recommend that you take a look at some of their legendary titles, especially since the introduction of the Super Wheel feature. Their library has now been expanded by an entirely new mechanic that can completely change the outcome of your gaming session.

No Strings Attached

One of the biggest advantages of this mechanic is the fact that players don’t need to do anything to participate. In the past many software providers have tried to do something similar with their live-casino titles, but that usually required punters to accomplish many prerequisites, which in most cases defeated the purpose of the entire feature.

This certainly isn’t the case with Super Wheel, as players only need to activate the Super Wheel bet and they will automatically participate in the activity for a symbolic fee. This creates an entirely different level of excitement and thrill for the mechanic, as you can almost forget that you are taking part in it.

Since the bonus can trigger on any random spin, players will feel like they’ve struck the jackpot each time they witness the Super Wheel being announced on their screen. If you think that the feature will appear very rarely, then you are wrong, as it is designed to trigger relatively commonly, so even those who don’t have big budgets can also experience it from time to time.

Super Wheel has an RTP of 93% and a hit rate of 1 in 75, which is astounding for a bonus round that is retroactively implemented into an already established roster of online slots. There is no reason why you shouldn’t activate this feature when playing Stakelogic one-armed bandits.

Be Responsible

While this bonus mechanic is certainly entertaining and exhilarating, it can also be dangerous for those who are not responsible when gambling. Some players might try to chase the Super Wheel feature way too far without thinking about the possible consequences.

We recommend that you primarily play Stakelogic titles for entertainment purposes only, and treat this added feature as some sort of a jackpot that might or might not happen. If you only decide to play these games for this specific mechanic, then you might encounter some issues in the future.

Make sure that you always know your budget limitations. Don’t be incentivized to deposit more just because you weren’t lucky enough to see the Super Wheel being announced on your screen. Many punters make the mistake of chasing promotions or jackpots, only to be left with a huge monetary deficit because of it.

While these bonuses are attractive and tempting, it’s pivotal that you only play for fun and without the means to get rich overnight, as the probability of that happening is very low. Also make sure that you regularly take breaks, even if you think that the feature is just around the corner.

Going after losses is a certain recipe for a bad time, and we highly recommend that you avoid doing it. Lastly, it’s advisable to never play online slots when you are feeling down or under the influence. This can lead you to make bad decisions, which can be especially damaging when you are looking to achieve a bonus round that can appear entirely randomly.


In summary, Stakelogic’s Super Wheel will allow you to win more on your favorite slots if you are lucky enough to experience the bonus round. We think that it is an amazing addition to their library of one-armed bandits and that the mechanic will certainly attract new players to try them out. The software developer managed to incorporate a very fun and competent bonus round that doesn’t require punters to accomplish unrealistic goals to participate, which means that both low-stakes and high-stakes gamblers can experience the same amount of success and excitement.