Do You Know How Quickspin Live Transforms the Gen-Z Player Experience?

While online gambling is an increasingly popular activity that a lot of people are enjoying more and more, casino operators and software developers have realized that the Gen-Z population isn’t as excited about all the fantastic games they could play on the iGaming market. That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to be talking about a relatively new approach from a well-known provider Quickspin. Their innovation in the live casino department is definitely going to attract a younger generation of players, and we are here to tell you all about it. Their first iteration of this gaming system is called the Big Bad Wolf Live, which is a transformation of a beloved slot from the same team.

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How Does Quickspin Live function?

First and foremost, you’re probably wondering how this form of gambling entertainment even works.

While Quickspin wasn’t the first software provider to try out something like this, they definitely have a lot of motivation to bring it to newer audiences and expand on the genre.

Currently, the only Quickspin game in this format that we can experience is the Big Bad Wolf Live, which is an homage to a popular slot title with the same name. While there are going to be many differences between future titles, they will probably all work on a similar principle.

While you are playing, the game board is usually going to look like a regular slot, but this depends on what kind of future titles these guys create. There is also going to be a live dealer for special rounds.

The special symbols can provide anything from bonus rounds to free spins, and anything else that Quickspin developers can think about. It’s up to debate on how the future products will look for sure, but we can expect to see something similar to the Big Bad Wolf Live.

A Short Review of Big Bad Wolf Live

a-short-review-of-big-bad-wolf-liveSince this is the only live product from Quickpin that we can actually experience, let’s take some time to talk about how it actually works. As we have previously mentioned, the game is being played like a regular online slot with tumbling reels. The symbols are removed and replaced.

The point is to get as many tumbling wins as possible. While this may sound shallow and boring at first, or pretty similar to many other slots in some way, it certainly isn’t, as there are also bonus features for players to experience.

Managing to get as many wins as possible consecutively will allow you to trigger the Pigs Turn Wild Feature. Here you will have the green and red pigs turn into wilds after 2 or 4 tumbles. Getting 6 tumbles in a row will allow players to get the blue pig symbols.

Players can also trigger the Wolf Bonus Game if they manage to attain 3 Scatter Symbols, which is a pretty similar mechanic that you probably know about from traditional online slots that we’ve all come to know and love.

The Wolf Bonus Game is being played in 3 different phases with a live dealer and announcer. There is the Top Up game, the Multiplier Collect Game, and the Wolf Wheel Game. The Top Up game is a side-bet 3-reel slot with 1 pay line, which players usually play while waiting for the actual bonus round to start.

The multiplier collect game then starts by allowing punters to collect bet multipliers. There are three different multiplier pots with 3 little corresponding pigs. This all culminates in the Wolf Wheel game which transports the players to a spinning wheel filled with many different prizes.

The wheel pin can land on three differently-colored piggies which possess different multiplier values as well. This combines with the piggie multiplier you have collected in the multiplier collect game, and can ultimately end up in some pretty big wins.

Quickpin also allows players to purchase the bonus rounds. This is a fantastic option for players who are eager to experience the live part of the game, and we are totally happy to see it.

Trying Out Something New and Fresh

trying-out-something-new-and-freshOne of the many reasons we would suggest that you try out the Quickspin Live format is simply because it is important to explore as many different gambling genres as possible. Of course, we understand that some people have their preferences and that they don’t wish to deviate all too much.

But, if you’re someone who loves experimenting and trying new things, then we can recommend that you give this activity a shot. It is a breath of fresh air in the online gambling industry, and we are always very happy to see some new changes arrive on the scene – ones that will definitely alter how we play the games we love in the future.

In recent months and years, there haven’t been a lot of new different types of games to try out. Of course, there have been thousands of quality titles out there, but these are all the products we have known for many years like slots, table games like poker, bingo, or anything else that you can think about.

It’s crucial for the industry to be creative and innovative, as that is the only way we are going to be able to experience something different in the future. Stagnation can be a very bad thing, and Quickspin Live is a perfect example of how we can fight that.

Even if you’re a bit skeptical about how this is going to play out, we urge you to try it out when you have the chance, as it is definitely going to be worth your money and time.

Bringing In a New Audience

We have already mentioned previously that the online casino market is beginning to realize that Gen-Z isn’t so interested in playing traditional online games. While it is definitely true that there are plenty of players from newer generations that still enjoy slots and table games, there is a smaller amount of them in comparison to other generations proportionally.

This is the main reason and selling point for Quickspin, as they are trying to bring in a new audience that might have not been interested in trying out casino titles. The new approach to iGaming is something that can certainly assist in broadening the player base.

By essentially combining two different types of online gambling into one, new players will be able to experience both types of excitement. This can assist them in getting assimilated into the gambling world, and potentially motivate them to try out the classics and other games.

It is a really explosive and chaotic experience with tons of fun and entertainment, which is something that newer generations will definitely appreciate. In recent years instant gratification has become a very common thing, and Quickspin is looking to help out potential players who otherwise might be bored with other types of casino products.

Easy to Get Into

Another great advantage of the Quickspin Live format is the fact that it’s incredibly easy to get into. If you’re worrying about not understanding how everything functions, then trust us when we say that there is no need for that.

None of these titles are going to be complicated to get into, especially since Quickspin is looking to bring this to newer audiences who potentially never gambled before. You don’t have to possess any prior knowledge to play these games, like you do in blackjack for example, and that’s something we highly appreciate.

While it is extremely simple, it’s far from being boring. The bonus features won’t have complex systems, but they are going to be fun and exciting enough for you to not care about the simplicity.

All in all, we believe that this can be a perfect entry point for many new punters. There is so much variety for you to experience, while also maintaining a beginner-friendly environment. It practically has everything that you’ll need in a casino game.

This isn’t to say that intermediate and veteran players aren’t going to have fun here. Quite on the contrary, we believe that the more experienced punters will appreciate the synergy of genres that Quickspin has managed to develop.


In summary, Quickspin Live is definitely going to transform the way Gen-Z players play casino games. As we have already said, it’s an amazing thing to see when industry leaders are bringing in innovations. This is a very important thing that will allow new people to experience the amazing world of online casinos. While we might have to wait a couple of months for the new release of the Quickspin Live title, we can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next. We certainly don’t doubt that it is going to be something new with many different things that we still haven’t seen in the past. The future of live online casinos is looking very bright, and we can’t wait to experience it.