CreedRoomz’s Roba: Are Robot Dealers the Future of Live Casino?

It seems like every other day we have something new arriving in the world of online gambling, and that is absolutely the most exciting thing that is happening in the iGaming industry. In today’s article, we’re talking about another new invention that is certainly going to shake up the entire market. We’ll be discussing the new CreedRoomz’s Roba, the live robot dealer. As technology and artificial intelligence are developing more and more every single day, it’s only logical that those advancements will also translate to online casinos. We will look into everything in regard to this new way of experiencing some of the most amazing table games we all know and love.

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How Do Robot Dealers Function?

Now, you’re probably wondering how CreedRoomz’s Roba dealers actually work, and if they are reliable. This is a totally valid question, as this is something that we are seeing for the first time in the history of online casinos.

Roba’s look like a robotic hand that has been taught through artificial intelligence how to properly do everything that live human dealers do. They can deal and collect the cards accordingly and they can load them in the shuffler as well. Basically, they can do anything that you would want a human to do when playing some table games.

Essentially, there is going to be absolutely no difference in how the game plays out, and that is the most important part, as a lot of punters wouldn’t like seeing something crucial being changed, since that would feel out of place.

Everything is going to be visible and transparent, so there is absolutely no question of whether or not something sketchy is going to happen. It is totally legit, and players will be able to relax while knowing that everything is automated.

No Room For Error

One of the major selling points of Robas is the fact that they simply cannot make a mistake. That’s right, CreedRoomz’s robots are unable to make an error during their dealing, and that is an imperative thing to remember.

When you have human live dealers, the chances of someone making a mistake are significantly higher in comparison to robots, since theirs is basically nonexistent. Humans make mistakes, and that is completely natural, but that can definitely ruin the experience for some.

The way these robots are automated allows punters to be sure that there are going to be no mistakes made, and that is something that a lot of people appreciate. The artificial intelligence that is integrated into these robots will make sure that every single hand goes smoothly.

There is also not going to be any downtime. Robots can’t get tired, which means that they can provide dealing services to players 24/7, something that live human dealers simply cannot do.

If you’ve been wondering what an automated and robotic table game experience is going to look like, then you will most likely want to check out CreedRoomz’s Robas, as they can definitely provide you with that exact service.

No Social Interactions

no_social_interactionsNow, this is a point we had to bring up, as it will definitely divide the player base. The fact is that there is absolutely no social interaction when you’re playing with robot dealers, and that is something that people will either like or dislike.

When you’re playing with live human dealers, you can usually start chatting up with them and other players who are currently also playing. While you will be able to interact with other players during your playtime with robot dealers, you simply won’t be able to talk to them directly.

Those who enjoy talking to dealers and sharing their thoughts will disappointed with this. There are plenty of players who believe that the games are secondary, while the social aspect is primary, and that is something we can definitely understand.

On the other hand, if you are someone who would prefer to have no social interactions while still experiencing live dealing, then you will most definitely enjoy spending your time with CreedRoomz’s robots. While we are certain that this is a much smaller number of players, it is fantastic to see that they can also be accommodated with their wishes.

In our opinion, this point is going to be the most discussed and divided amongst players, as some will definitely claim that the magic is lost once there is no human interaction, while others will claim that their games are going to be more smooth and straightforward, which are both good arguments.

The Roba Games Selection

the_roba_games_selectioNow, let’s talk about the most important part for every player out there – what kind of games you can expect to play. Currently, CreedRoomz’s Roba robot dealers allow punters to experience baccarat and dragon tiger games. There are multiple different versions of baccarat, but currently, these are the only two types of games you can expect to enjoy here.

Both the baccarat and dragon tiger games are going to work exactly like you would expect them to. If you’re a fan of baccarat, and you like what we had to say about this innovation, then we highly recommend that you give Robas a chance.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of these games and you would like to experience something else, you are going to be disappointed for the time being. While that may be the case, CreedRoomz has already announced that they are developing blackjack for Robas.

We can definitely see that this is all going to change in the future, but the fact is that currently there isn’t a huge selection of games for you to choose from, and only those that enjoy baccarat and dragon time games are going to have a good time here.

The Future of Robot Dealers

Taking everything into consideration, robot dealers are a very young and new technology that is only starting to develop, and we can expect to see significant changes and growth in the future. 

With the expansion of artificial intelligence and other branches of technology, these changes aren’t going to be slow. We can expect to see sudden developments very soon, as that is also something that CreedRoomz is also saying.

First and foremost, what we anticipate seeing is the social development of the robots. With the help of the aforementioned artificial intelligence, we can easily see robots talking and interacting with players, just like human live dealers would.

This would significantly change the lack of social aspect that we’ve talked about earlier in the article. Of course, those who like how robot dealers are now and prefer a more introverted approach will be able to retain the same experience by simply turning the option off.

Apart from being able to communicate with players, we can also expect to see robot dealers increase the number of games they can provide to players. This is a change that might take a little bit more time, but it is surely coming, and sooner than later we’ll be able to play every single table game like blackjack, poker, roulette, and anything else that you can think about.

Of course, there are many other improvements that we can anticipate happening, like even faster dealing and general optimization of robots, but that is something that most of the players won’t even notice, as Robas are already being able to do their job with perfection.

Loss of Employment

One of the major drawbacks of CreedRoomz’s Robas is that there will possibly be a lot of loss of employment in the future, and that is something we certainly wouldn’t like to see happening in the online casino industry.

As you can probably tell, there are dozens of thousands of live dealers employed in the online casino industry who are living with the money they are earning there, and a future where they would be replaced with robots isn’t something that is impossible to happen.

A lot of live dealers will lose their jobs if robot dealers start taking over. While this is also happening in many other industries in the world, it still doesn’t feel right to do it. The fact is that these robots are going to be a lot cheaper than humans, and that is something that will drive a lot of providers and casinos to change their minds and fire humans.

It is imperative that we keep the real and online casino industry intact, as nobody would like to see real-life dealers disappearing. We need to keep what we love and appreciate in today’s online casinos, while still improving and providing players with new and exciting experiences.


In summary, CreedRoomz’s Robas are definitely the future of online gambling. It is incredibly exciting to see and expect how the casino experience is going to look in a few years. The changes are rapidly coming, and most people are excited to see where it is going to take us. Some would say that we should keep everything as it is, but that certainly isn’t going to happen. The future is coming, and there is no use for us to try and stop it.