A High-Volatility Experience with Nolimit City Slots

In the casino industry, it’s very well known that online slots are arguably the most popular form of gambling entertainment. This statement has become even more true with the introduction of online gambling environments. In today’s article, we’re talking about some of the best high-volatility slots from a world-renowned software provider Nolimit City. We’re going to list the most competent titles from them that we believe can bring you pretty huge wins if you’re lucky enough. Of course, we will also take into consideration how entertaining and mechanically complex the games are, as that is also a crucial thing for all one-armed bandit Canadian fans. These are some of the most popular high-volatility Nolimit City online slots.

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Warrior Graveyard xNudge

warrior_graveyard_xnudgeWe’re starting our list off with a very solid online slot that is filled with many different features that will keep players hooked from beginning to end. Of course, it also has high volatility, which means you’ll be able to score some great cashouts if you are lucky enough to hit the right spins.

Warrior Graveyard xNudge is a fantastic title by Nolimit City, as it encompasses 4 different features that have been designed to prolong fun and excitement. Obviously, we have the xNudge mechanic included, which allows the Warrior Attack and Tombstone Wild features to shine in this product.

Both of these feature symbols are 3 rows high, and they will nudge down to fill the reels if they haven’t appeared in their complete forms already. This can greatly assist players in experiencing the features without having to wait for the entire symbol to fit.

Apart from those exemplary features, there are also 2 different types of free spins for you to enjoy in. The first ones are the Graveyard Spins, which are a lot less exciting than their Death Spins counterpart. In Graveyard Spins, you are granted up to 12 free spins where multipliers are increasing with every Tombstone Wild you collect.

In Death Spins, the developers have made a change where the Tombstone Wilds actually stay fixed on the spot they have landed. This additionally improves the winning chances for players.

Combining all of these features with a beautiful visual design that represents a very grim world of warriors and skeletons ultimately results in very good slot experiences. We also can’t continue on our second pick until we mention that the sound design is also exceptional in Warrior Graveyard xNudge.

Deadwood xNudge

deadwood_xnudgeContinuing we have another title that has the xNudge feature which has been implemented in a very synergized way with other features. Some of you might think that Deadwood xNudge is a branded slot from a famous TV show, but it is actually a sequel to an online slot called Tombstone.

Of course, it’s obvious that the main theme of this online slot is the Wild West. While this theme has been used many times in the past by many different software developers, we must say that Nolimit City has done an incredible job of providing players with very beautiful graphics and an interactive background.

The atmosphere and soundtrack are all on point, which perfectly sets up this product to work beautifully with the rest of the mechanics and features, which there are plenty of. Just like with our previous mention, this one-armed bandit also has the xNudge slot mechanic that is used in Bounty Hunter Wilds which allows them to nudge down on reels even if they haven’t been placed there during the base game spin. The nudges also accumulate a multiplier.

Apart from the famous xNudge, there are also three different types of free spins. The Gunslinger Spins, the Shootout Feature Free Spins, and the Huner Spins are present here, which makes us draw a conclusion that this title is filled with win possibilities, even though it has a very high volatility. These bonus features have different mechanics like fixed multipliers and transforming wilds, and they also let the players make choices depending on their preferences.0.

All in all, Deadwood xNudge is an incredibly popular choice for punters all over the online casino market. It has so much to offer in terms of features and how it looks and feels like to play. It’s no wonder that it has such a huge dedicated fanbase all over the world.


starstruckNow that we’ve talked about two very feature-packed online slots, it’s time to mention some of the less complex high-volatility titles from Nolimit City, and Starstruck is exactly that.

With beautiful graphics and a very fun soundtrack, this product reminds us of classic slots with its structure and elements, for example having melons and bars as symbols. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t be fooled by the looks of this one-armed bandit, as it definitely has some very modern features up its sleeve.

We think that the providers wanted to create a classic-looking online slot with the features of a modern one, and we believe that it is a fantastic idea. This means that this title can easily appeal to both those who prefer the old-school way of playing slots and those who are looking to experience something with a classic feel but modernized.

Starstruck has two different bonus features going on for it. There are wild symbols with attached multipliers. They can also work together with each other which can result in some pretty huge wins. This gives a lot of room for winning combinations even if the game is being played on a 3×3 board.

Additionally, it also has a Starstruck Hot Zone feature that is won by having a bonus symbol appear in the middle of the second reel. When you manage to get this, you’ll be able to choose between 8 mystery symbols that have instant prizes attached to them, going up to an astonishing 1000 times your stake.

This is a very explosive and entertaining experience that we recommend all of our Canadian readers to try out at least once. We believe that its simplicity gives it a lot of charm which is accompanied by a very pretty aesthetic. In conclusion, we thoroughly recommend that you give this one a shot.

Buffalo Hunter

buffalo_hunterNext up we’re returning to a slot that has many different mechanics to keep online casino punters occupied during spinning. Buffalo Hunter is Nolimit City’s amazing experience that encompasses a Native American theme with, of course, buffalos.

This title has a very serene and calm vibe to it, which is a departure from the aforementioned titles which definitely have a hectic and explosive atmosphere. We’re not saying those are bad, but there is certainly a group of players that prefer experiencing a calmer game.

During the base game, punters won’t be able to experience anything out of the ordinary, except for the mystery and wild symbols that will allow them to string some bigger wins. While this may sound like a boring time to you, it definitely isn’t, as this one-armed bandit features three different free spins features.

Players will be able to choose between two different types of them, but they will also manage to attain the biggest one if they land 5 scatter. It is fair to say that the whole point of this slot is the anticipation for all of these bonus rounds, and we think that it’s more than worth it.

The first optional free spins we’re going to be talking about are the Buffalo Horde Spins. This feature provides players with an animal meter that needs to be filled with special buffalo symbols. With the meter being filled, the lower-paying symbols will transform into higher-paying ones.

The second optional free spins are called Prairie Multiplier spins. These guys work in the same vein as the Buffalo Horde Spins but with a very big difference. Instead of transforming symbols, this bonus reward awards players with many multipliers.

Finally, we have the Stampede Super Bonus, which is awarded with the maximum number of scatter symbols achieved. Here, you’ll be able to experience a combination of both Buffalo Horde Spins and Prairie Mutlipllier spins in one culminated bonus round that is surely going to make your hair stand.

Punk Rocker

punk_rockerFor the end, we have an alternative music-theme online slot that is oozing with coolness and style. Punk Rocker is a sharp-looking one-armed bandit that is also one of the frequent choices for Nolimit City fans.

The graphics and sound design are exactly what you would expect to be – chaotic and incredibly fun. This isn’t the only thing that this title has going for it. It has numerous amount of features as well which makes this a very strong contender in the online slot industry.

It has 243 ways to win initially, with the ability for expansion of up to 46656 ways to win. Punk Rocker also boasts the xWays mystery symbols, Molotov wilds, riot respins, anarchy free spins, and the civil war free spins. As you can probably tell, this is a whole lot of different slot mechanics to get through.

This makes the experience worth it with every single spin, and that is something not all titles can achieve so easily. Nolimit City really created an incredibly strong gaming experience with Punk Rocker.