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Play’n GO Explores Wonderland with Rabbit Hole Riches

Play’n GO aims to make your gaming session much more riveting with the help of yet another intriguing slot title added to its portfolio. Rabbit Hole Riches is here to give you the thrill of storytelling and the mysterious world of Alice in Wonderland. They come with the great special features that could further enhance the online gaming experience.

This year has been an eventful one for the leading content provider seeking excitement and more online gaming offerings for everyone. Diversity is key, which is why the leader is constantly exploring something new and intriguing as a topic. Now it is time for Lewis Carroll’s literary classic Alice in Wonderland and the gaming potential it could bring to the table.

New Slot Title

Online gaming is able to bring a diverse palette of gaming offerings closer to the players ready to give them a try. Rabbit Hole Riches aims to prove this notion, solidifying Play’n GO’s position on the international online gaming scene. Individuals interested in the new online offering will get the chance to explore the magical world from an entirely new perspective.

This new title focuses on the White Rabbit with his framed pocket watch. In the story, he is in a constant state of hurry, trying to make it to his destination on time and checking his pocket watch. He is one of the central characters. The White Rabbit is the spark of curiosity that activates Alice’s spiritual awakening. It is the White Rabbit who leads Alice down the rabbit hole. The quest for knowledge continues for players online.

Just like with every slot title Play’n GO issues, this one is projected to captivate gaming fans with its narrative structure engulfing them. Individuals will enter the storyline and explore everything up for grabs during their immersive gaming experience online. Rabbit Hole Riches also brings a premium design style making the online title a visually pleasing one.

What’s Up for Grabs?

The special features coming with this new title are all specifically designed for the narrative of Alice in Wonderland. The three-reel video slot comes with as many as five fixed paylines. The symbols it features are four High-Paying ones along with four Queen’s Army ones. There are Wilds symbols too, further enhancing the gaming experience and allowing players to receive more at the end of their gaming session.

The Scatter icons can appear on top of every symbol on the reels and the ultimate goal for some players is to see three Scatter icons. This results in the triggering of the Rabbit Hole Bonus with hefty Free spins incoming. Rabbit Hole Riches comes with as many as four rabbit hole worth exploring during the gameplay.

The Red Rabbit Hole comes with the Queen’s Army Free Spins, while the Blue Rabbit Hole introduces the Cheshire Cat Re-Spins. The Yellow Rabbit Hole comes with the Tower Power Free Spins, whereas the Green Rabbit Hole features the Teacup Party Pick Bonus. Each of those bonuses aims to make this online experience a lasting one.