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Yggdrasil Gaming Touts Valley of the Gods 2

Yggdrasil Gaming is ready to transport players back in time to the splendor of Ancient Egypt and everything it has up for grabs. This is possible with the help of its brand new Valley of the Gods 2 slot title, elevating the player experience on a whole new level. The online gaming solutions provider presents the sequel to an already popular gaming title.

When it comes to online gaming, introducing new slot titles enchanting players with their offerings is essential if a provider wants to remain relevant. Yggdrasil Gaming is aware of this fact, which is one of the main reasons why it aims to introduce new gaming offerings on a frequent basis.

Ancient Egypt

The latest one aims to further enhance all the love players have for the Valley of the Gods slot offering and the opportunities it brings to the table. The new gaming product brings us back to the mystical desert valley of the gods, filled with riches and uncharted territories awaiting players. Valley of the Gods 2 comes with various special features that will become a player-favorite instantly.

This week was a special one, as it saw the introduction of the sequel of the renowned Ancient Egypt-themed slot title. It comes with an RTP of 96 percent, as well as 78 volatility. Players ready to try their luck should prepare for hefty payouts coming with it. The maximum cash payout one could bag at the end of their gaming session amounts to some €548,100.

Most of them will aim to reach this amount while gambling. Valley of the Gods 2 is also available on mobile devices with an optimized interface and tons of excitement. This will make it possible for players to enjoy the new title whenever they might feel like gaming online. One of the main selling points of this new gaming title is the simplified gameplay mechanics.

New Slot Title

When it comes to Valley of the Gods 2, less is more and this makes it possible for a wide range of players to enjoy it. Both experienced online players and individuals making their first steps in the gaming world value Yggdrasil Gaming’s offering equally. The new gaming product also comes with collectible Wilds symbols which is a brand new feature players could experience.

They make it possible for the gaming session to bring higher variance and payouts amounting to up to 5481 times the initial wager placed. There are also some 20,160 ways in which a player could end up winning big. One of the objectives of this game is the destruction of Scarab symbol blockers on the reels. This happens with the help of white scarabs taking care of it after a win has been achieved.

Once all Scarab blockers on the reels have been destroyed, Valley of the Gods 2 unveils its special features such as Win Multipliers, Wild Reels, and Extra Lives. Each of the Extra Lives is generated with the help of five red craps collected.