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Oneida Indian Nation Plans Casinos Relaunch

Oneida Indian Nation is already planning its strategy for the official return of brick-and-mortar casino gaming across New York State. Its three tribal casino locations would reopen for casino patrons once the government issues its approval that would affect commercial casinos along with the tribal ones. Chief Executive Officer of Nation Enterprises, Ray Halbritter, recently elaborated on the subject.

Mid-March, a joint order coming from the governors of New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut made it clear that land-based casino locations and gambling halls would have to close indefinitely and put an end to their operation due to the unprecedented situation across the states. Players were encouraged to gamble online wherever they have the legal right to do.

Casinos Reopneing Soon

The order affected the four commercial casino locations in New York State and they closed for business, but the seven tribal casino hotspots showed their solidarity and also announced a lockdown. Oneida Indian Nation oversees three casino locations and those are Turning Stone Resort Casino, Point Place Casino, and Yellow Brick Road Casino. They have been subjected to renovation and modernization over the past months.

However, right now those three venues remain closed and their gambling revenue is unable to support the tribal nation and its various projects and initiatives. Recently, Mr. Halbritter spoke on the subject of reopening of the casino venues and the strategy the Native American nation has chosen for it. New York State officials have to give green light for the process to commence and this is the only thing the Native American tribe is looking forward to.

The tribe would aim to protect the health of both casino patrons and the casino staff taking care of the daily operation. Opening of the casino venues would happen in a gradual manner to give the tribe some time to test the waters and decide its next move. Upwards of 4,759 individuals are currently employed by the tribal nation and they rely on that.

Tribal Casinos Relaunch

Such a magnitude of employment makes Oneida Indian Nation the largest employer in Oneida County at the moment. With great power comes great responsibility which demands careful evaluation of the status quo. The tribal casino leader reminded that some of the non-essential workers across the tribal businesses had to be furloughed but they were compensated with health care premiums and additional support.

Joel Barkin, Vice President of Communication for the Oneida Indian Nation, stated that full-time employees received additional 80 hours of paid time off which came in handy taking into consideration the unprecedented situation around the globe and across Canada. Individuals are also able to ask questions and receive quick answers via the special private Facebook group they have been invited to.

New York State is paving the way for an eventual casino reopening across the state, but this would take more time than their closure. Gov. Andrew Cuomo pointed out that every casino would bring its unique situation and issues to be taken into account ahead of its reopening. The state would have to look through every single one of them when the time comes