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Gov. Cuomo Reviews June Casino Relaunch ‘Case-by-Case’

New York State is paving the way for an eventual casino reopening across the state, but this would take more time than their closure. Gov. Andrew Cuomo pointed out that every casino would bring its unique situation and issues to be taken into account ahead of its reopening. The state would have to look through every single one of them when the time comes.

The unprecedented situation around the globe and the United States has urged the indefinite lockdown of brick-and-mortar casino locations across the states, as well as New York State. Local players were left without in-person wagering and gaming opportunities, as they have been advised to practice social distancing. The upcoming months would see a gradual reopening of casino resorts across the State of New York.

Casino Reopening Soon

Experts have previously highlighted that the process of relaunching casino operator would be more time-consuming and harder to manage than the quick closure the casino venues witnessed mid-March. The conversation about the eventual reopening has been in progress over the past days and Gov. Cuomo also has an opinion to share. He stated that every casino would have to be individually reviewed.

The case-by-case approach would have to guarantee that every individual casino resort is capable of welcoming the individuals willing to gamble and protect their health once operation recommences. This could happen with fewer slot machines available on the casino floor and the introduction of more space between them. Along with that measure, gaming tables could also fortify their chips and cards’ sanitation efforts.

Every casino floor in New York State has its unique layout and the government would have to approach the situation flexibly. Gov. Cuomo made it clear that despite the efforts, monitoring down the road would not be an easy task for the officials. He also made it clear that some regions would be prioritized, as this would benefit the health situation.

Two-Phase Plan

Last week witnessed the proposal of a new two-phase plan for reopening of businesses across the state. It is projected to witness the gradual reopening of casino venues and their adjacent hotels around the beginning of June. Rivers Casino and Resort, as well as Saratoga Casino Hotel in Saratoga Springs, are currently actively working with the government on a reopening plan.

Amy Brannigan, a spokesperson with Saratoga Casino Hotel made it clear that the New York State Gaming Commission is collaborating closely with the casino venues. The community, casino patrons, as well as employees, are a top priority right now, as their health must be protected. Al Roney, a spokesperson with Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady, stated that the casino hotspot is also working on the hygiene, social distancing, and isolation factors ahead of reopening.

Jeff Gural, the owner of Tioga Downs, recently made a similar prediction regarding the pattern of reopening in the upcoming months. He said that rural areas of the state would be the first one to bring businesses and casino gaming back to life. Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy is also bracing for the gaming revenue loss which is expected to amount to US$466,000 over two months of lockdown.