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Greater Sudbury Opposes Requested 90-Day LPAT Extension

The City of Greater Sudbury took its time to consider the current situation and the ways in which it would affect larger projects in the area and sent a joint factum to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. It directly relates to the controversial Kingsway Entertainment District project and its future. The city made it clear that the LPAT should not grant a previously requested extension.

Tom Fortin is among the leaders of the appellants against Kingsway Entertainment District and his battle has been a costly one up until this point. He opposes a casino venue within the premises of the entertainment zone. According to Mr. Fortin’s lawyer, the Superior Court should issue its ruling and only then the LPAT would be able to come up with a resolution that makes sense.

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Now the City of Great Sudbury made it clear that the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal should not grant Mr. Fortin the extension he is seeking. Lawyer Gordon Petch seeks a 90-day extension since city officials slowed down the process of evidence obtaining. The lawyer waited to have his request fulfilled for more than 18 months before finally receiving the evidence at the beginning of this year.

The City of Greater Sudbury pointed out that the cost of the project has increased and a further delay is not advised. They made it clear that this would negatively impact the local community as taxpayers’ money is spent. If the request for an extension is approved, the extension would surpass the 90-day period, due to the unprecedented situation we are in right now.

City officials also made It clear in the factum that back in 2017 the cost of Kingsway Entertainment District reached some CA$80 million. About three years later, the figure remains to be clarified, but initial estimations are that ic could reach CA$100 million. It should be taken into account that the capital budget itself has remained unchanged and it amounts to CA$100 million.

Tom Fortin Sees No 90-Day Extension

In its current stage, Kingsway Entertainment District costs some CA$2.425 million to the municipality. Despite the controversy and opposition, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is determined to see the construction of a casino complex in the Sudbury area, as it sees potential in the local market. The information was confirmed by Robert Mitchell, Spokesperson for the casino operator.

KED is expected to witness the construction of Starlight Casino Sudbury. It could be recalled that the unprecedented situation brought the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal’s operation to a halt. It is now unable to schedule hearing events for the foreseeable future. This applies to both in-person and teleconference congregations that could propel forward its work on the appeals review process.

It could be recalled that May 5 was supposed to see a long-anticipated hearing on the Kingsway Entertainment District subject. The order issued by the government points out that the hearings would be postponed until after June 30 or when the nationwide lockdown is lifted. Greater Sudbury residents have been reminded that now is not the time for new appeals, as the tribunal is still going through the already filed one